The funniest rebuttal to the vegetarian argument

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Funny, but now I’ll be noping right out of this topic (as I would on any other site). They never end well.


Laugh tracks suck.


as a life-long vegetarian, i’m not getting into this, either.


Especially for this show, which is very funny in its own right.


One of the interesting hidden ironies of this particular M&W sketch is how the kitchen is completely tiled over like an early slaughterhouse…


I guess the bacon fritter is off the menu this morn, damn.


Vegetable Rights, the time has come to take them off the shelf/
Vegetable Rights, we must think for them, they can’t think for themselves.


I have a guarded respect for vegans, because they’ve made a serious moral decision, and not an easy one to abide, but also the ideal end game there is that all domestic animals would cease to exist. My sister was part of local a co-op that had a small herd of cows providing milk/cream/cheese to the community (they even sang carols to the cows every Christmas.) And she had a little flock of pampered roaming chickens in her yard. The ethics are fuzzy there.


Each of those are actual arguments people have tried on me (veggie for 27 years). I doubt you’d be able to do it as cleverly as Mitchell and Webb so I’d advise you not to try it out.


Loved it, but I love everything with David in it. My take on it is something different though.

I eat meat, I even like it, but I can’t see how some people demand or expect meat in every meal. Why? I love cauliflower too but I have made thousands of meals in my life without it…

There are plenty of non-vegetarian arguments for not adding meat to a dish or meal. For example it tends to overpower other flavours, it is expensive, and actually has very little nutritional value unless you are feline.

The idea of complaining about having to eat a meal without this one little ingredient category is ridiculous. Also note that this is typical English middle class David Mitchell: If you drove a tank over both his legs he would not complain but apologize for getting his blood and bone splinters on your tracks :smiley:


If God didn’t intend us to eat animals, then why did he make them TASTE so good?


I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but I live for t******* people in real life. Not maliciously, mind you, but I do enjoy peppering in bits of absurdity in my fleeting interactions with people.

See, I was on to you with those music posts.

God save you in this thread. It isn’t the vegetarians you need to worry about irking, it’s the vegans.

If you die, can I have your comic collection?

ETA - I will say That Mitchell and Webb look is still some of the best sketch comedy ever. LOVED that series.

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If we stopped artificially inseminating farm animals, and stopped aiding them significantly in giving birth without dying or killing the baby, they wouldn’t actually be able to reproduce anyway. Meanwhile, there are wild versions of all of them, living naturally and going about their business. Those are the species to protect.


I used to be vegetarian, and very briefly vegan, then tried raising my own meat, and have since settled on being okay, ethically, with eating meat and dairy when I think of it this way:
If I’m the only reason that animal ever existed (assuming if we didn’t eat their products, they’d no longer be bred), was their existence here pleasant overall?
If it was a nightmare factory farm, they’d arguably be better off never having been born so I don’t eat that stuff (and realize I’m lucky to be able to make that choice!)
But the examples you give, I mean, at least personally I think that was an overall net positive for every being involved :woman_shrugging:t2:


Well that was insulting, and like most childish insults, wrong.

The rude, selfish, and prejudicial responders in a discussion like this are never the vegans. They have a tendency to keep their mouths shut. It’s always a subgroup of omnivores who go on about ‘tasty animals’ and ‘here’s some small edge case that proves me right and you wrong’ and ‘what about MY rights?’. It’s not clever, it’s pathetically adolescent.


​No young man; I am not like you in that regard, at all.

I don’t actively go seeking out conflict or negative energy; and when I run into trolls in 3D life, I strive to avoid dealing with them if at all possible.

Life is too fucking short, and yet some folks only seem to exist to spread their misery to others.

Good luck with this can of worms you just opened, by the way.

Yep, sho’ you right; I’ll be noping out of this thread now, as well.


Yeah, it’s like there’s one super annoying vegan out there who must go to dinner parties and conferences all the time and be a real PITA, and everyone else assumes that’s what all vegans are like.
I know plenty of vegans and none of them fit the common stereotype, personality-wise.


When people tell me they like t****ing people, I’m just like, “Hey thanks for the warning that you’re an asshole and I should avoid you. Most people aren’t kind enough to give that warning so props to you for giving it but now you’re going to go into my adblock/killfile/ignorefiles/etc on all my apps and I won’t have to read your provoking cruelty ever again.”

Like, seriously. Being mean for the sake of being mean is so freaking uncool.

So now that I’ve had the warning, and done the blocking, I’mma nope outta here too.


Trolley ing is against community standards.

No one eats meat at every meal. Like who’s never had oatmeal or a PB&J sandwich?

I love meat dishes and a great steak. But it would hardly be a shock to come across a meal that isn’t in someone else’s home, or my own.