Hotel chef fired for boasting on Instagram that he feeds meat to vegans

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Lesson: don’t get abusive towards people on the internet. It’s bad for you, in more ways than one.


there but for the grace of god and being too bad a cook to have a job like that and not having argued with any vegans since that time I worked at Greenpeace go I.


Vegans, they can be murder.


I have to feel like maybe he was fired for being a jackwagon and getting into an argument on IG? Because I am fairly certain firing him for “serving meat to vegans” wouldn’t be acceptable unless they could prove he did it.


Well, he did admit to it in a public forum…


They could always perform the Todd Ingram test (there be spoilers on that page) on some of the vegans to whom he supposedly served meat and see if they still have their “vegan-based psychic powers.” :grin:

Seriously, it should be common sense:

If you’re a doctor you don’t joke that you messed up a medical procedure.
If you’re a lawyer you don’t joke that you messed up a client’s legal defense.
And if you’re a chef you don’t joke that you messed with someone’s meal.


I have a lot of reasons for being polite to cooks and wait staff in restaurants. Top of the list is that they’re usually overworked and underpaid and yet most still are pleasant…but not far down is I never know what they’ll put in a rude customer’s food.

But for a cook to do that out of sheer malice…well, the only tip he’ll get from me is “Don’t play with matches.”


I don’t like the principle of people being fired for things they’ve said on social media, but also, come on, man, you should know better than that.


I presume if they gave a reason at all, it was damaging the reputation of his employer. He did that either way.


Man, I don’t like to generalize, but…
I have a friend who has a boss that is a vegan marathon runner. And gluten-free by choice. You can imagine what it’s like working with this person.
Vegans start to lose me with not eating honey. They also lose me when they won’t admit that being vegan is a luxury of living in a wealthy culture.
I could very easily switch to vegetarian and often go days without having meat - only an egg.
But there is no way I’m not eating cheese. Not happening.




Now they’re enjoying a fresh slice of schadenfreude pie.


I cook for a living, and as much as I would like to make jokes about spitting in and messing with shitty customers’ food, I don’t, because food is a really sensitive thing for a lot of people and I’m not an idiot. If you’re given a level of trust like that, where people really can’t see what you’re doing and have to believe you’re doing right by them, even joking about something like tainting their food (lets just assume he never actually did it) is completely out of the question. I hope he learns his actions have consequences


Um, regularly eating meat is a luxury of living in a wealthy culture. Millions of people are “vegans” because they can’t afford meat.


Millions of people eat whatever they can eat because they don’t have a choice. That’s the point.
They aren’t wackos that won’t eat honey because it comes from a bee - even though that’s what bees do - and whatever is on the menu they are thankful for. Bees make honey, cows and goats make milk and chickens lay eggs. That’s what they do. In fact, if someone eats just about any commercially raised produce - it was done by trucking in bees in hives from all over the country.
And FTR, I’m not saying that doing one’s part to try and make the world a better place is not a good thing, nor do I think that we shouldn’t try and practice the most humane and sustainable raising of livestock and/or using what they produce.


Dunno, I think admission is enough here. If you’re crass enough to say you’re doing it, I would venture to guess you’re going to possibly do it. Granted there’s enough people who are vegetarian or vegan for health reasons (I know people who will get really ill with enough animal products (and they miss meat)) that even just joking around about it is grounds for dismissal.


Omnivores start to lose me when they’re really smug, judgmental, and pushy about their diets, and then have the gall to assert that vegans are really smug, judgmental, and pushy about their diets.

Omnivores also lost me when they won’t admit that eating meat is a luxury of living in a wealthy culture.


“That’s what they do,” is maybe the dumbest argument I’ve heard for eating that stuff. Do you think that any animal should be locked in a box and forced to do “What they do” for your benefit?

Chickens lay eggs! It’s what they do! So let’s lock them in a box barely bigger than their bodies and make them lay ad infiniftum, for profit (and kill any chickens that don’t lay - including those who have the temerity to be born male).

Dogs bite. It’s what they do! So let’s lock them in a box and watch them bite each other, for profit!

Kids make art and craft projects! It’s what they do! So let’s lock them in a box and have them make handicrafts for me to sell, for profit!

There is no tenable ethical or practical argument to be made for your diet, so don’t pretend there is, just be honest and admit that you like how that stuff tastes. That’s fine. Just be honest. I’m typing this on a computer assembled by wage slaves out of minerals mined by actual slaves. I don’t engage in bullshit, disingenuous rhetorical contortions to pretend that that is justified or natural or right. I honestly admit that, out of a desire for a certain kind of comfort, I am complicit in their suffering because we live in a shitty culture.


[quote=“sdmikev, post:16, topic:81154, full:true”]Bees make honey, cows and goats make milk and chickens lay eggs. That’s what they do.

Mammals make milk when they have young. Because of this, surplus calves tend to be a by-product of dairy farming. Production of milk relies on demand for beef.

If one is not okay with meat (I am), it’s not clear to me how one can also be okay with milk without at least being very careful about how it was produced.