This woman got mad that a restaurant doesn't serve dog meat so she read an angry script at steakhouse diners


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“It’s not food. It’s violence.”

Yes, and I will be hitting up the local violent burger joint at lunch time.


I’m about to abuse some beef and veggies.
Ohhh the horror.


haha “somewhere in the US” take a look at the cops patch at the end.


It was in Toronto - at the Keg Steakhouse manor - which last I checked is not in the US; but what do I know I’m just a hyper intelligent shade of blue.


I hate assholes who make life miserable for people earning basically no money in a shitty job and have zero to do with the politics or policies of the company. Peta would do this shit to me when I worked at Disney. Listen I’m just hear for the check and the benefits, leave me alone.


And it’s not just the political crap either, prank phone calls to restaurants and drive thru pranks also suck. The guy at the pizza parlor doesn’t need Howard Sterns flunkies calling him 10 times in a row at 6:30pm.


She’s got a good point, really. Not having dog, cat and horse meat is ridiculous and classist.

However, she’s an asshole who has another point entirely.

Plus, anybody who says that chickens are sentient beings who “love” corn is deluded.

At some point, somebody should invoke Peter Watts who would assure us all that nobody is sentient and we’re all deluding ourselves.

Which should at least go back to the point that it doesn’t f*****g matter what we eat.


If they were free range organic corn fed dogs, why not?

The puppies are more tender. Taste like veal.


Eating dogs would be counterproductive. I mean, we spent thousands of years turning murderous wolf-monsters into our allies so they could help us kill other animals for meat.

(Or maybe the wolves were the ones playing us. Either way, I’d rather not rock that boat considering there’s a wolf-monster who sleeps at the foot of my bed.)


I eat meat but I like this sort of thing. I’m interested in being convinced without being coerced.



How convenient for a midnight snack tartare.


For crying out loud, don’t give her any ideas!


I’m getting a turkey for thanksgiving that was pretty much raised like a pet.
I am hoping that it is extra delicious for all the love and pampering. :slight_smile:


Personally I prefer the long pig. With a nice chimichurri and a glass of chianti (yeah, riffing on a classic)


Although pigs are bred for the tasty meat we train some of them to be used as truffle hogs.


It would have been funny if the waitress indulged and yes ‘Yes!, it’s today’s special’. ‘We have locally grown Canine Cheeseburgers. We also have a nice Filet of Troll.’


This is a thing I would pay a premium for, seriously.
I already pay through the nose for organic, free-range, cage-free, grass-fed, local etc.
I would pay even more for “treated well and humanely, slaughtered quickly and without stress”.
(Yes yes, Portlandia, I know)
But I would, I would seriously pay more!


I’m sure that protester changed a lot of hearts and minds that day. Uh huh.


Based on what I have read, good dog should taste like yummy tender veal. mmmm. I do like veal.