Woman accuses restaurant patrons of eating her "little girl"




Christ, what an asshole.


This sort of “activism” is not likely to advance the cause.

It’s a typical PETA-esque stunt that mostly cements in the minds of the audience that fanatical vegans are nut cases.

I’m not saying that chickens aren’t horribly, inhumanely treated in the meat industry, but that this sort of stunt is unlikely to make converts.


Tasty, tasty murder (or perhaps not - the restaurant seemed pretty quiet).

Is it really meant to?

They serve this?


People for Exaggerated Tabloid Attention-seeking


Um… I’m not entirely sure how to respond to this.


The correct response is a McNugget binge. Chicken tears, so delicious :yum:


Exercising her 1st amendment right makes her an asshole?



No, being an asshole makes her an asshole.


there is that potential with the 1st amendment, yes


It’s more Slacktivism, to be honest.

Who cares whether your efforts actually have any sort of tangible benefit for your larger cause, so long as you can feel better about yourself for having spewn senseless vitriol and venom at anyone within earshot?

I mean, if you can’t change the world for the better, you can at least make it a little worse and revel in the schadenfreude you get from doing so, right?


She marches into a restaurant and shouts hysterical, blanket accusations at the patrons.

I don’t think that’s protected speech.

I do think it borders on disturbing the peace.


Obligatory topical comedic ska-based social commentary.


sigh The First Amendment says the government cannot make any laws abridging her right to free speech, or right to petition the government. It doesn’t say anything about restaurants or other private places. How is she exercising her 1st amendment right here?



When someone berates others for not following their personal morality. Even on a public street corner like the ‘god hates fags’ people.

That makes them an asshole.

This is especially assholishness because it was on private property, and BTW: the 1st amendment doesn’t apply to other people’s property.

Why do people confuse the 1st amendment, even in this day of posting on sites like BB where your posts can and WILL get pulled if the Mod/Aminds don’t like them for whatever reason they wish.


But wait…I had the fish.



So how will the hardcore vegans react when technology inevitably creates mass produced “chicken” grown in a lab?


Snow? Oh, yes, I remember her…


You do know that hardcore Vegans won’t eat Honey…because it enslaves the Bees, doubt any animals DNA would pass the test.