Why is it so easy to believe that the UK super-rich have sex with pigs?

I think technically it wouldn’t be considered bestiality, because. . . you know, they are pigs.

I can’t defend the necrophilia aspect though.


Stupid question – it’s certainly disgusting, but were any laws broken? Man, I hope so.

The reaction to this was really fascinating; if, say, Ted Cruz or Huckabee announced in an interview that they heard from a totally reliable source that Obama once face-fucked a dead pig, they’d be condemned from all sides, Obama would chuckle and shake his head at a press conference, and we’d all point and laugh at the insane GOP nutters to even suggest such a thing.

But the general reaction I saw online and on news sites to the Cameron thing was, well, yeah, that totally seems like the kind of thing he’d do.


At the risk of defending David Cameron, why is this such a big deal? It’s not like he fucked a live pig, which would have been cruel. On a purely objective level, is sticking your dick in the mouth of a dead pig really all that much worse than cutting it up and eating it? Are we supposed to be concerned that he was being disrespectful to a hog carcass?

I can see there being widespread disapproval if he was doing this on the regular, but it seems to have been a one-time college “prank” that he was made to do as part of some weird initiation ceremony. Does that make him a depraved weirdo, or simply the victim of “hazing”?

Considering recent revelations about the sexual proclivities of some UK elite in the last several decades, we should probably count ourselves lucky he was just fucking a dead pig instead of a live child.


Doesn’t aristocratic depravity have much the same ‘signalling’ function that impracticality and rapid change does in fashionable clothing?

By being impractical, often delicate, and changing frequently, fashion ensures that success signals the ability to devote considerable time and attention to such leisure activity; while if it were simple, practical, or timeless even filthy peasants could do it.

Depravity, in an analogous way, signals being either above or below the law: either you have no fear of consequences because you are untouchable or because you have so little to lose that further reputation damage simply isn’t terribly relevant(and, though a bit of slumming can be good fun, along with pimp and hoe themed frat parties; there is little confusion about which of these two you are).

Aside from demonstrating impunity, depravity is a particularly good aristocratic response to the potential incursion of ‘meritocratic’ middle-class-spawn into elite institutions: it helps to emphasize the fact that their access to elite status is strictly contingent on rigid adherence to norms that will make them a useful technocratic functionary(good grades, clean background check, etc.) while your access is by right of birth, not because you know how to push numbers around in the top quintile of whatever classless hole you crawled out of.


So, uh, have you screwed the heads of any dead animals? I’m just asking…

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No, I haven’t facefucked any animals, living or dead.

Have you ever done something gross or embarrassing while pledging a frat or on a drunken dare that you kinda wish you hadn’t later in life?


But the “purely objective level,” in which all context for Hameron’s actions is removed, is purely irrelevant. Put his alleged action back in context and it comes along with a huge bag of revelatory connotations. It signifies rather perfectly both the puerile excess of the entrenched, entitled, undeservedly wealthy classes and the hypocrisy of their obvious belief that they deserve what they have, and to rule the rest of us, because they’re simply “better” than us.


Sure but that’s not the question you were asking. You were asking why anyone cares if he fucked a pig’s head…


With these sorts of acts there is a component of intent to disgust, cause fear, deprave or degrade, that sort of thing. If he had mild penile frostbite and needed the gentle warmth of a pig’s head to restart circulation in the member we’d probably let him off with it. So it is not merely the condemnation of the physical act, which as you say is, when broken down, barely distinguishable from others that we’d overlook.

In particular in this instance, I think the activities of the young PM-to-be really betray a sense of contempt for ordinary people and a desire to display this contempt through the flagrant disregard for socially acceptable behaviour, be that smashing up restaurants or porking pigs. Or rather, in his case, the desire to belong to such contemptuous set by going along with whatever bilious nonsense that group came up with.


It’s also worth pointing out that his government banned several acts in pornography which were much more socially acceptable than fucking a dead pig. So this compounds the sense of entrenched privilege whereby the well-to-do may slake their unnatural urges without reprimand, while the ordinary member of the public’s access to even depictions of fairly pedestrian stuff must be policed paternally. There’s a massive class prejudice built into that, and when you examine the acts that have been banned you see also that there is a heavy bias against kinky acts which place women in a position of control. So, at the risk of being offensive, it is still permitted to graphically depict a woman being choked with an erection, but face-sitting is now banned in porn.


Yeah, which echoes what @WearySky mentioned above. It just seems pretty similar to any number of degrading and obnoxious hazing rituals that entitled elites come up with on either side of the pond (and worldwide too for all I know). I’ve known a few people who have gone to pretty ridiculous lengths on behalf of some fraternity or sorority or other, and I always wonder how membership in such a society could possibly be worth some of the things they’ve been obliged to do or endure.

No, which is another reason why I’ve never had occasion to regret avoiding both drunkenness and Greek life over the years. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and have my share of regrets, but never for reasons as stupid as those.


If the Monkey-fucked-a-pig theory of human origins is correct, it’s all evo-psych

Totally the name of my next album


I like to boast that when I do something gross or embarrassing it is purely on my own initiative rather than through weak-willed compliance.


I am reliably informed by Oglaf that a turkey carcass fits much better when it’s cooked.


Not the membership but the millions of dollars of opportunity it brings in later life.

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Worse than illegal, it’s in bad taste. But now that Brian Sewell is dead, good taste in Great Britain is practically dead with him. Anybody familiar with the works of J B Cabell will know that the British Conservative Party, like the Republicans, are the Philistines.

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Can we examine the phrasing “have sex with” or even “fucked”?
Given what little we know, this is not a sexual act, and doesn’t indicate sexual deviance - it’s a stunt and a dare, and it indicates poor taste and terrible judgement.

It’s on a level with “Jackass”. Those clowns have stuck their tackle into various places, sometimes at or into the grasp of live animals, all just for the exhibitionist risk. Yet you don’t call that “Having bestial sex with an ants nest” - it’s just “Putting your dick in an ants nest”.

Reading this lunacy as if it were done for sexual gratification is unfairly mis-characterising the idiocy of what drunk college boys can get up to - sometimes for “reasons” much less compelling than sex.


Paul McCartney on this situation: