Watch Zach Mueller's card wizardry from California

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Pointless and magnificent!

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Wait. Are you offering to let me watch from somewhere in Cali? Hopefully NorCal, SoCal is smelly, crowded, and hot. And for how long? How long does this mister wizardry do his shtick? Lets hope a few days, yeah? Like to get some surf in between the card shenanigans.


Do I really have to go to…

Dammit, @wrecksdart


card flourish - here is a tutorial for 3 tricks.

I wish I had time, patience, time, to practice and master, but? oh well… work.

I alternate between practicing sleight of hand and just plain flourishes. I think stoned people prefer watching me just sit and cut the deck in fun 1 handed ways more than tricks, depending on how stoned they are – sometimes they need to tell me about that magician who did that thing.

Drunks want tricks.

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