Watch the new world champion of card magic's astonishing act

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I’ll have to watch in a bit, but I love card mechanics and slight of hand card tricks. Just absolute masters of confusion.

Here are two of my favorites from Penn and Tell Fool Us.

This guy is blind, which somehow makes it even more incredible.


Isn’t that, whatshisname, James Hewitt’s son? Married to that American actress. Lost his mum in a car accident.


Meh, much as I love sleight of hand, this strikes me as misdirection.
That might not sound like much of a criticism, but the giveaway for me was right at the beginning, when he asked one of the observers to sign the queen.
“No, no, not like that, something we can all see” then scribbles all over the card in magic marker.

To match all the other black queens.
The only four or five cards that weren’t queens were ‘accidentally’ flipped over for us to see.

I know I’m a horrible skeptic. I enjoyed the show nonetheless.

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That was fantastic. Wish I could see it IRL bc nothing is as mind blowing as skilled sleight of hand right in front of your eyes


he was alright, i mean. im no expert on slight on hand or card tricks, but i could catch his switches, like when he switches decks in his back pocket. and he leaned wayyyyyyyyy hard into the “look how i keep flubbing the deck, im a clumsy card magician” misdirection for my tastes

yeah the trick was ok, but it looked like he was just dealing seconds most of the time.

this guy would not fool pen and teller.

Entertaining and well performed. He is really good at manipulating the deck and forcing cards, although it was clearly a prepared deck. I liked his patter and his routine.

Yeah, I agree with Urist, the “intentionally clumsy” schtick is kind of annoying.

I think it is more commentary than schtick, maybe he is flipping the criticism back to the audience.

a man performing for the card magic world championship?
You dont do commentary during your medal run.

he was doing the beffudled deck dropping so he could manipulate the cards, it was 100% part of the sleight of hand. It was a decision to fully integrate the clumsy magician persona into his act.

its a shtick, not a social commentary.

Yeah, I think the trolls are being trolled.

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