My new e-book: how to make cool magic trick card decks

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This is tricky… I like magic tricks… but don’t like knowing how they were done…

Ok I’m sold! Nice little video and plus I’m a sucker for Blind Blake’s music. I’m not really into magic, but maybe you’ll be the one to get me into it, Mark!


Thanks so much, Buddy!

Really. I have never minded. For me anyway it makes me appreciate it even more when done well.

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I like the acts where they pretend to show you what is going on, but bamboozle you anyway. There was a great Penn and Teller routine with Teller smoking a cigarette while Penn points out all these cool sleight of hand and misdirection tricks Teller is pulling off. Its a great act because it highlights tricks that would be too subtle for you to normally notice, while still blind-siding you with some unexplained bits of legerdemain.

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