Rick Lax: How I fooled Penn and Teller


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Why was this closed?

Yes, but how did he fool them?


Based on the headline and title, I thought there was supposed to be something in the article or video on “how” he fooled Penn and Teller, or “how” he came up with the trick?


Through the magic of TextExpander!


More appropriate headline: “Rick Lax: When I fooled Penn and Teller”

Only $10 to buy the trick and find out for yourself how he did it though, if you really want to know. I don’t want to know that bad.


My first thought was that he was just really good at memorizing. In which case, Penn and Teller could have just said, “you did it by being really good at memorizing”… but they didn’t. Plus, the trick is for sale, so there must be some sleight of hand to it, no…? I mean, you can’t sell a really good memory for $10…

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From the description of the trick on the sale page:

So yeah, you’re not just memorizing the deck. Plus he also mentions in the interview that it’s a procedural card trick.

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