Show full Post largely useless


I just fixed this issue (it was due to new post layout).

New Layout?

Thanks. Judging by the sample of bbs topics I’ve seen, it appears to be working.


Yay, I was wondering if the feed was b0rk3d.


Is it me, or is it pulling extra stuff at the end that isn’t part of the post?


Can you please provide me a link to the topic where it’s pulling extra info?


This one.

Others aren’t doing that.


Yes, this was a legit issue. I just fixed it.

Will not happen again in other embeds.


*Shuffles feet, eyes dart from side to side

So, uhhhm. Heh. I ‘just noticed’ that… *cough …that the show full post button no longer pulls through playable videos from the main post.

Ahem. :sweat_smile:



It was worth a try.

Apologies to all concerned. :innocent:


That’s actually a specific problem caused by adblock – it takes out The Wrong Div on some pages, really mangling the layout. And I just noticed that when a “redesign complaint” was utterly batshit, you’d get to the desription of what was wrong and … it would be that.

You guys have been darlings.


Yer one sweet fella yerself, bub.


@codinghorror was it something we did wrong? I was wondering if there was a setting somewhere I needed to have changed with the switch in WP templates.


I see what you did there.

nobody’s biting, so I guess they did, too.

still, nice effort : )


Did is used to pull videos? links to a few with bust videos please…


Working again.

I thought it was a hint to BBSers. “Go bloody read the main website!”. I’m glad it was just a bug. Now I don’t have to.


no, the joke is it was always broken and complaints fell on deaf ears; he was using this opportunity to try to trick you into fixing it

wait–were you playing along?


$“Need to go Deeper” GIF…


Could it hurt to fix it? It used to even bring up what looked like a dedicated Play button that, of course, did nothing at all. But why not make it work?