Astounding card magic from Penn and Teller's Fool us


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Absolutely lovely.

Penn and Teller came around my way for a show once, and a horrible snowstorm besieged the 90 miles I had to travel, so I’ve not yet had the pleasure to see them live. Always regretted that.


There’s a (fiction) story about a pretty good stage magician that turns out to be an underachieving actual magician. It was just an easy way to make a living, using real magic instead of practice/skill to do card tricks, etc., until someone notices and calls him out. But I can’t remember the title. It was long before The Prestige, and more of a noir piece. He wasn’t a magician that discovered some real magic, but a powerful but lazy/burnt out wizard.

Any help?


It always kills me that the trophy is a big FU. Like they resent being fooled, just a little bit.


I love the guys eyes and there’s still just a bit of a kids grin when he’s pulled off a great show. I hope to see more of this guy as he moves into his future. What fun!


Now that is a card trick. Excellent sleight of hand, excellent presentation. Just effing amazing.


You missed out big time. The bullet catch is so impressive live.


It honestly sounds like the story of Harry Dresden’s father from The Dresden Files. He was a real wizard who worked as a stage magician.


Nah the other way around, His father was a stage magician and Harry had actual powers but was told to not use them. His power came from his mom’s side.


The Rubik’s cube magician who was there recently is also great:


I saw Teller do the Shadows illusion live a number of years back. Simply achingly beautiful piece of stagecraft. I’d take that over the bullet catch any day.


I think my favorite performance of just Teller was an actual speaking role on stage. The Paramount in Seattle shows silent films. They had a copy of F.W. Murnau’s Faust but with german intertitles and Teller was there to do the translation.


Well, you could just go with the theory that they really like profanity…


Does this air anywhere in the US?


It airs on the CW network, Monday nights.


Seconded. I saw them at the Rio in Vegas and after the show, Penn was outside the theater shaking hands. That guy is seriously huge (though, does he seem…gaunt…to anyone else in the new Fool Us?), and he seriously cares what you think about his show. And he’s incredibly friendly if you walk up and smile.

P&T, James Randi, NDgT, Carl Sagan all kinda roll at the same level in my pantheon.


I don’t remember if “torrent” is a dirty word around these parts.


It’s 3 a.m. and I’m looking for trips to Rio.

Thanks @slybevel and @TobinL and everyone for the peer pressure push .


I love Penn & Teller, don’t get me wrong, but It seemed fairly obvious that the first marker vanish went into the front coat pocket, and the second went into his right pants pocket.


I hope you’re booking a trip the THE Rio” in Vegas. :slight_smile:

I also hope that you noticed that Penn and Teller are not there for the next month or so while they perform on Broadway.