Penn and Teller appear on SNL in 1985

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I can’t remember what show it was for but I remember they did one version of that trick where Penn was doing live magic for a family in their living room and after Teller “dies” he mumbles something about legal liability falling on the property owner and hastily makes his exit, leaving the tank with Teller’s floating corpse behind for the family to deal with.


My favorite bit.

Their blend of doing tricks, while explaining the trick and still leaving you feeling wonder is perfect.


Thanks for reminding me this existed. Such a wonderful act!

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It was traumatized by the movie The Prestige and couldn’t watch this.

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Sounds like a Simpson’s episode.

If you think Hugh Jackman’s character was bad just wait until the world learns how many Teller duplicates Penn has murdered over the years in the name of their act.


Penn is fond of saying he’s murdered all the people he has ever cared to murder. He usually follows up with saying that number is zero. He also says he’s a professional liar so we both know what the real truth is.


I saw them live back around ‘89. Teller gets in the “saw the woman in half” box, Penn saws him in quarters and sets the cubes far apart on different areas of the stage floor. Here’s Tellers right hand poking out, over here a foot pops out, way over here open the flap and there’s his head. Puts the cubes back together and Ta-Da! Teller reassembled. Then they did it again, this time with the area under the false floor revealed, Teller sliding around, sticking his hand or head up through holes in the floor into the cubes. It was so cool.

I loved them, loved their books, even loved their movie!


Thank you for posting that one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.

I have a particular love for this one:


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