Get yourself thrown out of this show, if you can

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I saw Derek in his show Nothing to Hide a few years ago and it was fantastically entertaining.

I hope this one comes to NY too!

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Penn Jillette mentioned on his podcast this week that Teller was fooled by a few of the illusions he experiences during this show. In fact, he sent Penn in to this later performace and asked him to deliberately screw up one of the audience participation sections, because DelGaudio’s response would tell him how a particular trick was done.

Penn returned from the show and told Teller what DelGaudio did. Teller still has no idea how that trick was performed.


Would have been nice to know more about the actual show and less about what a ~special~ attendee this guy is.

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Hey there - I completely understand how you feel.

There were so many other articles on the show itself that I thought I’d try a different direction. If you have any questions about it, I’d be glad to answer!

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