Guy magically manipulates a playing card


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I don’t know which is more wonderfully creepy; the excellent card manipulation or the intense 1980s psycho head on that kid.


Yeah he is amazing at cardistry - so much that a Japanese credit card company hired him for their advert


You don’t know who is is, although Boing Boing has already done three articles on him in the recent past. Hey, you can use your own website for research!


It’s totally a “my best friend is dating my ex who just recently dumped me” face.


The short term memory loss (or inability to search their own archives) at BB always amazes me.


well they don’t know who he is, is he Zach Muller or Zach Mueller - the answer will shock and amaze you!


The that video really bugs me. He hands his card to people with one hand, like a barbarian, rather than two, as one properly does in Japan.


Came for the card trickery, left lmao because of your amazing research sillz.


So you’re saying this is a paid advertisement? Or is that just me saying it.


What DOES this guy have to do to get me to remember his name?


Not me! I don’t waste much space on storage, so I get to be surprised again too!


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