Bug: Swiping back in Safari causes page error

I often browse the BBS not logged in while I’m on my iPad. For the last couple of weeks (my bad, I should’ve reported this sooner) I’ve been unable to swipe the page right while reading a thread to return to the topic list. Let me illustrate.

Oh, that banana article looks interesting.

I read the article.

Swipe the page right, or press the back button.

The topic list is there for a moment then becomes an error message. I have to refresh the page to get the topic list to show up.

If while reading the thread I tap on the BoingBoing BBS logo to return to the topic list the thread continues to display. Tapping refresh in the URL bar the causes the topic list to come up.

Again, this error only comes up while not logged in.

You haven’t punched or otherwise head-butted your device into obsolescence whilst attempting to do anything other than browse topics on the mobile bbs? Impressive.

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My Android tab is slow on the BBS, and man is that tempting. It’s already got a crack. :smile:

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It’s actually okay on the iPad. On my phone, however, trying to scroll through a thread causes so many skips and jumps as bit of replies load and unload that it’s basically impossible to use.


What model of iPad, what os version?

What model of phone, what os version?

Edit: indeed I could repro that here but not on meta. So I redeployed latest code here, give it a try.

iPad Air original, iOS 8.4.1

Nokia Lumia 1020, Windows Phone 8.1

Still happening here on the BBS, both the page back and logo tapping errors.

I can no longer repro the back button issue on iPad post deploy. Try refreshing the page.

Windows phone may be a bit squirrelly as we rarely test on it due to minuscule market share. Last I heard it works though.

I saw bug and thought this might be about a VW.


Still happening, but not on every thread. I’ll check again in the morning in case the fix needs time to propagate.

As for Windows phone threads load okay. When I get towards the end of loaded posts (~15 to 20) in a decent-sized thread (~40 posts or larger) then scrolling further in order to read the latter posts results in erratic jumping up and down. This eventually settles down and I’ll find myself looking at a post that’s near the one I was reading, but not the last post before the jumping nor the post after it. It’s especially bad in the Ten Thousand thread, I assume because of all the images.

I use Chrome on Android tab 4.4.2.

I find the image threads render all the gifs jumpy and frequently unintelligible.

It’s a cheap tab, so a graphical memory problem wouldn’t surprise me.

Also, when I scroll in the threads, on the tab, it’s a gamble if it’ll jump around. Somtimes I’ll try to scroll up two or three posts and it’ll just jump to the top and stay there.

I dunno if you rolled out fixes for any of that, but I’ll try those things again tomorrow morning and report.

It depends if the images are hotlinked (from a remote site) versus local. If the image is hotlinked, we have zero clue what the size is until your browser retrieves it from the remote site. We can and do set maximum widths and heights, but say the remote image is 100px×1000px (super wide) or 1000px×100px (super tall). The rendered height is always variable, unless we distort the image aspect ratios…

That’s another reason we try to download remote images to make them local, but this isn’t always possible. Say the remote image (or GIF) is 10 megabytes… we don’t want a copy of that locally, etc.

Still getting errors when paging back on iOS.

I can understand why images will make for an unpredictable page length, but even if there aren’t any images the page still jumps around while scrolling (on Windows phone).

Any particular pattern? I can’t get it to happen on my iPad Air 2 after I updated to latest here.

I definitely could before I updated to latest.


After swiping back and reloading for the last fifteen minutes this is what I’ve seen: topics in the meta category fail to error every time I swipe back. Topics in boing fail about 70% of the time, and so far no topic in wrath, dizzy, or games has failed.

Hmm @zogstrip can you repro this on your iPad?

The issue was due to our “safeLocalStorage” not being that safe :wink:

Fix will be deployed here shortly.