Back button not working right again when there are deleted posts in a thread

A while back the back button was having problems on posts where there had been deleted items. A fix was applied but the appears to be happening again. In a thread with deleted posts I’m finding when the back button appears pressing it doesn’t do anything and the cursor never jumps to the latest unread post.

Verified both on iOS Safari and Windows Chrome.


Yeah, sometimes it works for me and sometimes not. I also use Chrome.


Same. I find when it’s wonky it jumps by 20 each press of the button.


This is still happening and it’s simply maddening. (Cc @codinghorror)

What is the repro? Back button near deleted posts? Back button position ON a deleted post?

Go to a thread with deleted posts.
Scroll up a few posts so the “back” button appears.
Press back button.

What will happen is either or will do nothing at all (most common symptom) or will go to some random post.

Example posts: (random scrolling if you start from the first post)

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I’m having bad luck reproducing this one. I’ve tried entering a topic in the middle, scrolling up and hitting back and it seems to work. I then tried deleting the post I was looking at (using a different browser) and even some before it. It always seemed to work.

The “jump back” is based on the index of the post, so even if it’s deleted while you’re looking at it, it should always find a post in that general area. I’m not sure how the button would do nothing!

What web browser are you using? Any extensions that might be interfering?

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You have done this as a regular non-staff user @eviltrout?

Yes, I had to do it as a non-staff user to avoid collapsed posts. I had one window as a regular user, one window as staff.

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I’m using safari on iOS as well as chrome on Windows. So pretty disparate as far as browsers are concerned. Unlikely that I have interfering extensions - especially on iOS.

It is specific to image heavy topics? If images are hotlinked in weird ways, we don’t always know the dimensions.

I’ll try to get more details. The main constant is that it always seems to happen when there’s been deletions.

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