The new "Back" button (mobile) is working great

I’m finding the new “back” button to be tremendously useful for getting me back to the unread part of a thread and I’m losing my place much less often.

Thanks, TPB.


Only one problem, though. It gets completely screwy when posts are deleted. All the more reason we need more transparency when posts are deleted.


Speaking of which, I think every comment thread ever includes “Comment deleted by user.” Who does this? Some of our regular members are constantly making posts and then deleting them? I do not understand - I think I’ve done it maybe once.


Every now and then I post while thinking I am in a different thread… or i think maybe not. I am better at thinking maybe not before hitting the reply button.


Sometimes I post too quickly without fully reading. Other times I combine multiple posts and delete the chaff.


In what specific case do you mean? Deleted while you are reading, live?

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If there’s a mistake in a post that I can fix with a quick edit, I do. If it’s something that requires research (and no one has replied to the post yet), I’ll delete and repost later.

And, sometimes I just post something intemperate while I’m cranky and then reconsider immediately afterwards.


Not sure of the exact repro. More than once I’ve had it completely miss the mark in threads where there were many deletions.

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I should probably do that too. :sweat:

I need more repro information. Nobody except a mod can live delete posts, every self delete takes 24 hours to take effect.

Unless you happen to be live in a topic when multiple 24 hour self deletes take effect which strikes me as extraordinarily unlikely?

I’ll let you know with more specifics when/if I see it again. It was definitely mod deletions, though.

I got a repro.

I went to thread Trump calls for nuclear rearmament which had some unread posts for me along with prior mod deletions.

I scroll up a few posts and the Back button appears (as expected). I can tap on that button until my finger breaks but it never jumps to a later post (not expected).

ETA same problem in The food in "Final Fantasy XV" looks amazing which I know for a fact also had mod deletions.


I am not 100% certain but I believe this commit will fix the issue. The problem seems to be trying to jump to a post that can’t be found for some reason (say it’s deleted by staff).

The fix will go out the next time we deploy boing boing.


OK this is deployed here now so have a try.

Edit: we added a jaunty little animation to it on mobile as well.


Much better now. Thanks!


This is one of those things I slap myself about not implementing 2 years ago, because it seems obvious in retrospect.


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