BoingBoing articles appearing as generic WordPress pages?

I like to use Feedly to browse the articles, and since this week I have noticed that some articles appear as bare bones WordPress pages. No links to the comments, the default style sheet, and even the default header and footer. For now I’m only seeing it happen on the iPad, not on my desktop computer. Next time it happens, I will make a screenshot.

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

EDIT: here it is.


I noticed this happens when I tap through from a BB twitter post to a blog entry in the Twitter iOS app itself @orenwolf it is odd.

If I copy the link and open it in Mobile Safari it comes through normally.

Any chance these are AMP pages? Can you nab the URL of one of these?

1. Populate hordes of junk sites with scraped content.
2. Add advertising.
3. Profit!

Never mind. Thought it was referening to ghost copies of pages that turn up in search results.

No, those screenshots look a lot like our AMP pages do:


Is that what you’re seeing?

Next time one comes up I will try. I’ll even hook up the Lightning cable so I can look at the page elements in the debugger if I get the chance.

Yes, that looks like what I am seeing. So is the wrong URL being fed into the RSS feed?

I’m not sure - I’ll bring it up with the design folks though!

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In iOS app…

Tap the link and you get…

Copy URL (via share icon in upper right of iOS app there) and you get…

However if you copy the link from the tweet before tapping through you get

I hate amp so much and wish it would die in a fire. It’s the main reason I no longer use Google from my phone.

See also:


I think the no comments link was by design but I’m not sure. I’m super disconnected from these things (by choice! I’m so not a designer).

I will, however, investigate.

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