AMP needs to be killed with fire

I never noticed Google’s AMP until BoingBoing implemented it, and it is not good. It has crappy layout, weird behaviour on my iPad and on my Nexus phone, and doesn’t even take effect consistently. It makes me less likely to click on a link.

It’s less happy mutation, and more unhappy cancer. And I am not alone in my opinion. I see John Gruber over at Daring Fireball feels as I do, so I will let him say what I feel and recommend reading the article he linked to:


See also:

It’s a fucking scourge and it’s the only reason I suffer with Bing as my primary search engine on my phone. AMP search results suck. They don’t look right, they don’t work right, and they aren’t shareable without extra effort. This isn’t 1998 where we need special WAP wrappers for sites.

Fuck AMP.


Agree. The Facebook version also needs to die.

And for good measure, fuck daringfireball!

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If only there were some modern way to transmit content that that was nearly as fast as an old dial-up modem.

I liked this article: which is quite amusing and well-written:


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