What's up with the front page?

It hasn’t updated since yesterday evening, but I see new stories on the BBS.

Ever since the redesign I’ve just been going to http://boingboing.net/page/1. Everything’s linear, in chronological order, and it works.


Noop, that page has nothing from today. I see 3-4 stories on the BBS that aren’t showing for some reason. It’s happened before, too.

We switched to a new CDN yesterday, looks like there’s trouble up mill.

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Ahh, just like the good ol’ days. Thanks!

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I’ve been seeing this today… the /page/1 site worked fine for me this morning, but later on all the new posts had vanished from it and nothing new is showing up. The main page looks like it’s updating, but I much prefer the uncluttered version.

Neither style is working properly for me currently. Then again, I’m using Opera so I’m used to it.

The main page seems to be updating fine, but on the blogview, the last post to show is the pool-pad from yesterday.

Nooo… don’t break that. If you click on ‘more posts’ at the bottom of the main screen it takes you to /page/2 with the first post about the white house changing their social media icons to double rainbow but that’s dated 26 june? So then you go to /page/1 and the first post is the roll-up floating pool pad dated 28 june. So where are the posts between that and the euro population growth posted about 6 hours ago?

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Now there’s a deep, dark void of missing posts between /page/2 and /3. What is this new devilry?

Seems like it’s location-dependent… I get updated stories when checking from one network, but from another the first story I see is about Sinatra’s house. I guess some of the CDN’s locations are serving up really out-of-date info.

Update: we’re working on tweaking the new public-facing cache to expire faster and smarter.

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I’m still stuck on Sinatra too…

twitter feed works if you wanna see new posts, I’m stuck in /1 land too.

is your new CDN Tor unfriendly? all the eye candy (CSS, icons, symbols et al) are not served anymore when using Torbrowser (and a mostly stock Firefox after using a Tor relay SOCKS proxy)

correction: it’s not related to Tor but HTTPS Everywhere. one of the rewrites (http -> https) causes incorrect rendering (didn’t checked them one by one, too lazy :))

Update Https Everywhere, they fixed it!

I too am a /page/1 fan. It is usable, and meshes perfectly with page 2. Either that or i stick to the bbs.

The “new” (not so new anymore) homepage is horrible, imho. New stories can scroll off one side while the other side has old content. Continuing to page 2 doesn’t mesh, you get repeats. It is a usability nightmare that seems more hacked together then thought out. I just can’t bring myself to use it, too painful. Thank goodness I have two other options bbs & page/1

Also, no link to the main site from the BBS header? really?


ha, Boingboing is working again with the EFF 25th birthday edition of the plugin^^

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