Blog view not updating

As noted yesterday, blog view is not updating for me, overnight (in UK)

Yesterday it was several hours before it moved on from 28 things you need for winter, and it was updating ok for the rest of the day here. But this morning it is stuck on the painting of a girl with an iPhone, the last post I saw before going to bed last night.

I can see there are later posts since then in the normal front page view and from the BBS.

I use Brave, but on both days I booted up Safari to check and both times blog view showed me the same out of date blog post at the top of the list, so it makes me think it is not a browser/cache issue.

Is it just me? (I did see someone else like my post about it yesterday on whatever thread I posted it on, so I guess that indicates at least one other person recognised the issue.)

(ETA Interestingly all the posts that I have identified as having missed in blog view so far are from Xeni.
Can’t be sure there aren’t posts from others as yet, though. But yes, from Xeni the person who clearly does something different with half her posts so that their comments link back to post not BBS. Probably entirely coincidental…)


Nope, I got same problem here


Me too. Almost made another post about it - found this.

@codinghorror and @orenwolf

You guys are aware, yes? How am I going to make snide comments if I can’t see the new posts?

  1. codinghorror has nothing to do with BB proper, don’t flag him for these issues, please, I don’t want to abuse the privilege we have of him hanging out here with us. :slight_smile:

  2. I’m working with our caching provider to track down the issue. Hopefully we’ll have it resolved shortly.



Thanks, Ken. I guess, what with me being in a civilised time zone and all, I’m likely to see it before many others, if it does get stuck ‘overnight’. It did unstick itself eventually yesterday, but still not unstuck as yet today. If it does unstick, I’ll report again tomorrow when I get here, if it is stuck again. Fingers crossed that the fault will be identified meantime.

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OH, ok, I thought he did some of the back end code. So he is just the BBS?

He is one of the founders of Discourse:

4 Likes hasn’t updated since yesterday - 2020-11-16

What’s the deal?

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As noted above. Obviously they have not found the issue yet.

Oh, we know the issue.

Fixing said issue is a whole other ball 'o wax. :wink:


It used to be that finding a fault was harder and once you knew what it was the fix revealed itself.

Technology today, eh? Tch! :wink:

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It has updated to ‘Paul at Home’ but not the later posted ‘pig couch’ yet.

Off to bed now. Will check in again in about 12 hours or so.

There won’t be an immediate fix for this for a few days, at least. We’re working with our CDN vendor to correct but it will not be immediately addressed.

Until then I recommend using the main page.


For those of you as attached to blog view as I am I have had success loading new content in Chrome on Windows 10 while they figure out the DNS issue:

Open Chrome dev console with F12, then hold shift and right click the refresh button and select “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”.

The problem is you have to do this on each page load, but I would rather do that than use the main page IMO.

Thanks, for the good advice.

(But I would rather wait for a fix than use Chrome, TBH.)

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Ctrl-f5 refresh seems to work with Firefox on my laptop, but it’s still b0rked on Brave on my phone.

The RSS feed does a reasonable job of approximating /blog/ view too

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