Feedback on vertical timeline

“Watching” window cut off at bottom of browser window. Mac, Chrome.

Edit: I see now that the browser window has to be tall to display all of the scroll widget, and even taller for this widget. Scroll controls should resize with browser window height.

Edit: Is fixed.


Also you can’t select the postcount it to jump to specific numbered post anymore. Scrolling up and down with it is kinda neat though.
Calling @codinghorror


Sure, put your feedback here. This is a beta feature, so we are still improving it.

In your case @MarkDow we should make that menu open up and not down when it’s close to the edge. I thought we did that already @eviltrout?

Yes, I hardly used that feature, but when I did, I found it very useful. But I too like the scrolly thing and would like to see those two combined if possible…


I like it, sometimes in particularly long threads I want to get to the middle and it’s really hard with dynamic loading.


Damn, I guess I should have looked before making my post.

I have the same issue, and I’m not liking it.

You can jump to a specific post number using keyboard shortcuts. Press ? to see the list. I believe that one is #.


(Copied from another meta topic per your request)


Some change that has been made in the last 24 hours is causing my
tablet and phone browsers (both Android Firefox, current version) to
occasionally freeze momentarily and then completely skip the next
20-message block. It is even happening on topics that don’t have new
right-side slider yet. Works fine on my Windows desktop with an older
version of Firefox.

[Edit:] The ones that DO have the slider, I can scroll into the
missing block, which forces it to load, but this is decidedly

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Does it happen with Chrome on the same devices? We view Chrome as the default Android browser, and don’t test much on Android/Firefox.

Oooh thanks! That’s way better than clicking anyway.

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No idea. I don’t use Chrome. Until this morning, my experience with Discourse has always been browser-agnostic, as it should be.

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Also one clarification; this is a desktop / tablet only feature as it requires extra width. So if you are seeing it on mobile, something is kinda wrong.

On mobile you’ll see the same progress bar we’ve always had. You can also size your desktop browser to a very narrow width and revert to the progress bar, too.


I did. As I noted here, I did not see this post before I made mine.

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Well, now there’s only one topic – it’s too difficult to process feedback across multiple topics, sorry. Feedback in this topic is good.


I didn’t even know there were keyboard shortcuts! This is awesome.

I mean, my fingers have to leave home row for most of them, but I guess it can’t be perfect.


It looks like you made a typo there in your wikipedia link to emacs, @ActionAbe


Another weirdness I’m seeing. Doesn’t happen when I’ve posted in a topic. Happens in both Chrome and Firefox desktop versions.

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^^^ I’m seeing this as well.

Also I’m finding that when I scroll using the timeline thingy that it doesn’t scroll to a post until I let go of the mouse (Chrome Windows). That greatly reduces the utility of it to me.

I also feel as if it makes everything much to narrow on desktop machines. I wish it would stay more to the right and give me more space to view posts.


I’m deploying a fix for the unescaped HTML beside the notification button right now. It also includes a bunch of other little fixes!


Yeah… after using it for a few minutes I’m not a fan. I find it very distracting and everything feels too squished horizontally.