On videos continuing to play as you scroll down in a topic

Was an @eviltrout bug related to the vdom rendering 5x perf rewrite. I deployed latest here so it should be fixed.

edit: just to clarify, the videos WILL stop playing as they unload from the stream when you scroll down; that’s always been the case. Otherwise the browser would asplode as you scrolled down from 1-472 and all that stuff was kept in memory. Only visible stuff is rendered. The bug I am referring to is where the videos would erratically start playing again after you stopped them and scroll down, or other weirdness.


first off: the previous fix for a youtube bug that I was thinking about was that the like button would stop the player. when the scrolling-stop happened yesterday, I confused one for the other and that’s why I said this issue had happened before and that it had also been fixed once. I was wrong about that.

but saying that the scroll-away stop always happened is not true. playing a video and then listening while I scroll thru the rest of the thread is a thing I do here all the time. that’s why I reported it yesterday: a thing you take for granted suddenly not working is jarringly odd. I’m not insane, right? @hello_friends, you noticed it, too. prior to yesterday (give-or-take), you could keep a song playing while scrolling through the same thread, right? anyone? @Mindysan33? I feel like the Manchurian Candidate over here. Like when Discourse was changing my avatar and you said it was on my end.

fwiw, I never encountered this one


I’ve shared the thread with friends because of the songs I hadn’t heard before and noticed that nearly any interaction with the browser may interrupt a youtube song playing in the thread.

When @chgoliz mentioned playlists, I loved the idea and, at the same time, know too little about scripting and … mmmm … layer cakes to do more than break something.

I haven’t notiiced yet what @codinghorror described about songs that spontaneously restart. The chrome browser on Galaxy Note 3 usually needs to be cued at least twice to play.

OK, but when did you show them?

In other words, this happened ALWAYS or you showed them over the last couple days and that’s when you noticed?

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Sorry. It’s happened as long as I remember listening to youtube songs I find posted on boingboing threads. Months? I wasn’t paying attrntion because I thought it was normal behavior for the phone.


am i losing my marbles? why do i remember this not happening before?

You’re not losing your marbles. I never paid attention until someone mentioned it might be possible to iterate through a list of songs posted in a thread. I thought that would be too risky and/or hard.

I just did it again to confirm the issue. I playec @Mindysan33 awesome MJ Hibbett song, enjoyed it for awhile and then scrolled down. Stopped it cold. :crying_cat_face:

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I seem to remembering being able to listen to a song and scroll through the thread as well. I promise, you’re not crazy!


god, I was really beginning to wonder. I’ve been going thru my old threads trying to find an example of “I was listening to this while I was reading this other post further down.” I know for sure the other forum I go to allows this, so then does that mean I always did it there, and yet somehow never once here until yesterday and that’s why I’m confused?

that’s the problem, proving something not currently there really was there.

I just have to step away. @codinghorror, if I’m crazy I’m sorry but I really thought I was right. Mindy remembers it too, but qualifies it as “seem to remember.” If my brain is broken then that’s just depressing is all.

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Okay, I can’t handle basic communication since you and @Mindysan33 were remembering the opposite of what I remembered. Sorry, I was confused.

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That’s just what we happen to remember, doesn’t mean you’re wrong… Maybe it has something to do with the browser you’re using (or we’re using) or something else?

Also, human memory is rather shite, too, so there’s that.


When I’m listening and scrolling at the same time here, it’s because I’m scrolling in another tab.

Do you usually have a lot of tabs open for the bbs here? (I usually keep one tab open with the bbs topic list, then open another for whatever topic I’m reading, and if I’m listening to something, I open another for more reading.) Do you suppose your recollection of listening and scrolling may have actually been from scrolling in a different tab?

If we can somehow detect that a clip is “playing” we can bypass unloading for that one post, I wonder if there is an easy way to do that @eviltrout cause it is quite fun listening to music while scrolling through a topic.


If you click the “replied to” thing to see specific context, you cannot play the video. And if you’ve started, it stops. Have to reload to play, afaict.


no, usually just one tab.

I think I’m cracking up, you guys.

oh, wow, you’re right. that’s pretty annoying but it’s not something that’s come up for me yet other than testing it out just now.

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I’m on firefox/windows 7 and I used to be able to scroll down and keep listening to embedded videos, but it would stop if I did anything else - click like etc.

I was getting the bug where a video I had stopped would restart once I scrolled past it or close to past it. I think that’s fixed now.


oh thank god someone else remembers this being a thing. it stopped working yesterday-ish? right?


Yeah. I think so. I noticed the videos restarting themselves yesterday-ish, and now videos stop when I scroll past them.


It was relatively easy to add a new API to prevent cloaking. I did have to patch lazyYT, but it seems that we already did that some time ago: