YouTube Fullscreen bug on mobile

When there’s a topic with more than one page* of replies, I’m having a problem watching YouTube videos Fullscreen on my Android (v6.0.1) device running Chrome (v53.0.2785.124). The video will embed and load fine, but clicking the Fullscreen button will only cause the video to appear in Fullscreen momentarily, before the page reloads, and the posts that show up after the page reloads are from earlier in the thread.

When I scroll back down, I have to click the play button twice (to load the embedded player and start it playing), so it’s not just pausing or restarting the video, but unloading the whole embedded player.

I get the impression that, as part of the creation of the Fullscreen window, it’s scrolling up for some reason, and when it hits the top of the loaded replies, the BBS tries to load more replies, which then kicks the embedded video off of the bottom of the page and stops it from playing.

I can’t recall running into anything similar on desktop Chrome.

Can you guys please look into this? It’s quite annoying.



*For the purpose of this bug report, a “page” is the distance you have to scroll down before it starts loading more replies: c. 20 replies.


Youtube has always been kinda odd in the BBS. Half the time I click the go to youtube link.


That’s what I usually end up doing, too, but I figured I might as well report my findings.

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I have, on occasion here. I haven’t paid attention to specifics, but it’s when somebody posts a comment (in a thread full of comments) that contains a YouTube clip, and when I go to fullscreen the YouTube clip, it does what you describe. But only on occasion. Noticed it maybe three times in the past couple of months, thought it might be a YouTube issue (as in, doesn’t want to fullscreen when embedded in anything).

Chrome Version 53.0.2785.143 m on Win10


@eviltrout is looking into this, it is a common complaint so I hope we can find a workaround.

I’ve integrated a hack to work around this bug here:

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