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Cool video, but question about how BoingBoing is now formatting YouTube video display: are you doing something to obscure the YouTube controls? I didn’t notice this on Friday (2020/09/18), so it seems a recent change. It’s consistent between Chrome and Firefox, so it’s also not a browser quirk.

Let’s just stipulate that I’m omitting the expletives right now (assume three per sentence, because I’m somewhat unhappy). This embedded video formatting is extremely irritating. I can’t adjust video volume, and videos have wildly varying volumes, so that’s annoying. I also can’t adjust video speed, and I doubt if I’m the only reader who routinely sets his videos at 2x. I also can’t automatically get to the video on YouTube, and sometimes I want to read YouTube comments (yes, I know, this is often a very bad idea).

Maybe there’s a simple trick to obtain these functions now? Otherwise, please revert your formatting.


Inspecting the page code in Firefox seems to indicate that it’s an issue with how the .html5-video-player is being drawn, but I’ve given up trying to find the value(s) to tweak to display the bottom of the player container. The issue is quite frustrating, for all of the issues you mention. Hopefully it’s just a simple (pixels vs. percentage, or something) error in the template that can be found and corrected.


Thanks, I’ve sent this off to our theme team to have a peek.


I’ve taken to right-clicking which brings up the yt menu then if I right-click on the video it brings up the player menu which includes play speed and show control options. Its a lousy work around but it has caused me to curse a couple less times


As a temporary solution, there’s the YouTube keyboard shortcuts, though as indicated here, the increase speed and decrease speed don’t work in all browsers.

Just an update, the theme folks are still working to correct this!

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This should be corrected. If it isn’t for you, please let me know what browser and os you are running (i.e Chrome/OSX).


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