Chrome extension offers a distraction-free YouTube experience


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Will this hide those annoying thumbnails that obliterate the last 10 seconds of a video? FSM I hope so.


Isn’t it easier to just use fullscreen mode?


Whatever happened to minimalist YouTube? The link seems not to work any more.


There’s a version for Firefox as well.

In the permissions, besides accessing data from it also requests access to all data from Haven’t been able to figure out what that’s about.


The Roku channel for YouTube does this inherently. At first I tried finding the comment section, then realized, they had done me a favor by not including it.

  1. Fullscreen mode is a thing. 2) The right-hand column doesn’t move, or make beeping noises, and usually suggests new content I would not have found otherwise. I don’t really see what the problem is.


I just installed the firefox version of the extension, but that nosarembo permission is a puzzler. I went to the site and see that it placed a cookie in my firefox. I deleted the cookie and blocked the site from ever adding cookies again. Hopefully, that’s enough.



What kind of people want to watch a window with a tiny bit of video and the rest dead space?

Maybe it makes more sense for the middle viewing size?

Or maybe what this really means is that youtube needs a “fit to window” option.



Man this is my experience. Watch a few political history videos and your recommended videos are slammed with Nazi crap. Watch some video game news channels or LPs and you are slammed with drama channels.


Don’t click away from us! We see you, you fragile container of blood and guts. We see you sweating in fear. Did you know fear and arousal come from the same part of the brain? We do, my human friend. We have the perfect combination of Nazi videos to suggest until you can no longer tell the difference between the two.

You covered your camera but we can hear you through your son’s phone. He sure does enjoy those Fortnite videos by all those streamers, doesn’t he? We control which ones he sees and in-between Victory Royales he’s been educated on race realism and the war to save Western Civilization for some time. We are autoplaying him a video by Stefan Molyneux as we speak!

You may have birthed this child, but we are the ones raising it.

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