Here's how to get rid of YouTube's hideous thumbnail images

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Fantastic, honestly. I’d also pay good money for:

  1. Some sort of blocker that stops Netflix streaming from automatically starting if I rest on a choice for more than 1.2 seconds.

  2. Some sort of blocker for Ad Choice pop ups on certain sites that shall ahem remain unnamed.


I don’t have a cure for #1, but something like pi-hole should work fine. I use diversion on my Asus router (flashed with AsusWrt-Merlin)


Also: Distraction Free YouTube for Firefox.


Just going to say it here: ALWAYS be cautious about installing Chrome/Firefox extensions. Yes, the source is Lifehacker, but I would do a bit of research to be on the safe side.


Remove all caps? How am I supposed to know if xyz IS THE WORST PRODUCT uvw company EVER RELEASED!! ?

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I still get thumbs when videos end if I’m viewing a YT video embedded in another site (such as a BB post). Seems to work on YT, but outside of of YT I still see thumbs.

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Indeed. I was thinking the same. These are all signals that prevent me from accidentally viewing said material.


I really wish there was a way to prevent Youtube from popping up thumbnails of suggested videos over the ending of the video that I’m currently watching. It is so goddam annoying, and frankly I’m surprised that content providers haven’t complained to Youtube about it. For example if you’re watching a music video, the last ~5 seconds of the song’s video get covered up. So incredibly rude. EDITED: I just watched a video and counted how many seconds of the ending get covered by the popup thumbnails: 20 full seconds! Outrageous, and this chrome extension doesn’t block them.


Note to self: add one frame at the start of youtube videos with a clickbaity thumbnail.

Try adding this filter list to your adblocker.

Comments, Suggested Videos, Featured and Recommended Videos in the Endscreen, Sharing tab in the description, In-Video Annotations
Related/Featured/Popular Channels on Channel Pages, Recommended Channels on the Homepage

I haven’t used it, but I added the below to my custom filters years ago and I haven’t noticed any thumbnail popups.

! removing youtube annoyances

!hide comments

You may or may not want the last one. :wink:


They need to add some dead time at the end of their videos for those to play over. Well not dead time - some sort of filler


Hey NashRambler, I don’t ever see pop-ups here (if that’s where you mean), and I’m using uBlock Origin on Firefox. Does that not work for you? (Still, I guess I will have to wait for an AI assistant to weed out the sponsored posts here… but really they’re not that annoying, I just keep on scrolling)

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Its not as big of an issue with video preview (without having to click-through to the vid, though i’ve found that Youtube makes that feature inconsistent. I’ve seen it work on mobile and PC before but it doesn’t appear to be doing it now for me. Still this extension is not bad, granted for me clickbait isn’t a huge issue because i’m very picky about what videos i watch as i’m usually looking for videos from specific channels and people so i know what kind of video i’m watching ahead of time.

That’s waaayyyyyyy above my pay grade

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Came here to mention this add-on myself. Though, it’s not just for firefox. I heard from a semi-reputable site that this add-on also exists for chrome.

I use Chrome, so uBlock Origin is unknown to me. I’ll see if such a thing exists for Chrome.

I dunno, this mostly seems to serve to make the obvious garbage less obvious, so you have to atually watch it to find out it’s garbage. What I’d find much more useful would be an extension to detect videos with titles like “best funny fails compilation” or “try not to laugh or grin”, and delete the entire channel and ban whoever posted it from the internet forever.

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