Youtube embeds are gone (on bbs)

I blame the animated gifs…

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huh? <like huh?>

I don’t see any embedded videos, just the links. The comment on gifs was just to fill the space and permit the post.

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Huh, @codinghorror bug or feature?

@sam as well. Certainly is a p2/p3 issue, but seems to happen on handsets and windows.


Might have to do with the global rebake @zogstrip kicked off due to complaints about old images not being downloaded to local.

There was a time when local image downloads were turned off here, I think because disk quotas were erroneously hit. They were turned back on, but anything posted in that magic interval where they were off, wouldn’t be downloaded to local.

Anyway let’s try it here, both short and long URL forms:

Dunno, seems OK to me?

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I can see the video in preview.

And when I quote it, oddly enough.

Hrm, what am I missing.

The behavior is different than a few days ago, when I could copy/pasta the default mobile YouTube URL, and it would embed. This morning, using my phone, I still just get a link, but your post embedded correctly.

They’ve never worked for me, either on the desktop or BBS.

dunno if the issue is fixed now, but I’m seeing every single embed in this thread. last post was 10 hrs ago, so fix’d?

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Yep, me too. @codinghorror and @sam I appreciate taking the time to fix this low, low, low priority thing :). Tacos and ribs are on me.

Seems OK?