Tech Alert for the mods

FYI - It seems since the change the youtube videos - at least using the /blog page - aren’t correct. They are the same video from several days ago. For example, The Beginners Guide post has the video to the barking dog who is shushed by the cat. If I click through to the post, it is the correct video. Below that the next item as the cute dog that lives in Japan.

Oddly this is on my home PC on Firefox, but I don’t think it happens at work on my Mac on Firefox.

Not really a deal breaker for me, and it is probably my computer doing something weird, but I thought I would alert you all in case I am no the only one.

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Thanks for the heads up. Paging @codinghorror and @beschizza.

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When I post images and then plug in a title, the auto-normalizer-whatever sometimes truncates the image tag in weird ways.

  1. The title and sometimes other meta info written into the tag are truncated out of the intended image tag code and into the textual content of the underlying para:

  1. Other image tag info is auto-added ahead of the initially written tag code, and same as the first instance, the width and title meta info are cut from the image tag code and into an improperly formed image tag mashup:

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FYI - now it is doing it to my Mac at work. The youtube videos are all wrong, showing past posted videos, not what they are supposed to be. If I go INTO the post it shows up ok.

Is this still an issue, with YT videos on the bb pages proper?

P.s. @wrecksdart your BBS image issue is completely unrelated…

Not sure if that’s still happening–I’ll try to repeat it at some point today (or the near future).

I don’t think it happens on the regular BB pages - but I rarely go there.

I think it is a cache issue? If I go to it happens.

If I then got to - it resets and is correct. At least for now. Next day it might happen again.

This mainly happens on the PC. I don’t know if it still happens on the mac or not.

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