Blog view completely croggled

When I go to the blog page, I get a one-second view which is then replaced with a full page view of a video of someone jogging with a dachshund, apparently (I haven’t watched it). A borked ad, maybe?

While you’re here, could you guys fix the video insets in the blog view so that a third of the video isn’t missing? Or at least acknowledge that you’re working on it?


I just came over to post about the same problem. The video insets is also an annoying problem. Props to Nelsie for getting here first.


you wanna shout out to Rob as he maintains the main site.

hey @beschizza the blog view is b0rk3d. so like when you get back from whatever fun you are having.


[Future me]

Hi. I’m just posting to complain that someone hacked your site, replacing the dog jogging with some hipster tech gibberish.


Sorry, @beschizza is not available to fix the site at the moment, as he is currently trying every possible combination on the lock on his safe.


For what it’s worth I think that the dog is probably an ad gone wrong: I don’t get it while using an ad blocker.

No, it’s from the wiener dog post.

Huh, I guess I just missed it then: been on vacation for a few days.

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looks like it is fixed… sorta I am not seeing the wiener dog post at all so I guess that works.

Yeah. Even when i go pack to* the page on which that post now lives, the video doesn’t take over.

*This said “yo” before the edit.

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