Please fix the video display on the blog page

On the video previews (and the videos themselves) are getting cropped off. Like this:

This has only been happening the last week or so, so I imagine the last update broke something.

Thank you.


This should be a trivial fix.

  • If rendering posts in weird-view, use width=‘970’ in YouTube embed URLs.

  • If rendering posts in proper blog-view, use width=‘600’.

Done and done.

The continued failure to implement this fix reflects the site’s ongoing disdain for us blog-view-favoring luddites who simply can’t get with the program of the new Boing Boing.

Oh, there’s a new Boingboing? I hadn’t noticed.

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I decided to try throwing Stylish at it. This is probably not very elegant and I welcome suggestions for improvements.

[quote]@-moz-document domain(‘’) {
article {
max-width: 1080px !important;
#content {margin-right: 0px;}
#sidebar {display: none}

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