BBS Annoyances

  1. Anytime I drag & drop an animated gif from Finder to a BBS post in Chrome (my default), it shows as an animated gif in my post preview, but seemingly never does on the BBS post itself. If I use the Upload button (Ctrl+G) and select it works fine in the post. If I embed from an external source it works, which sucks because I have faith in BB being around longer than imgur and I’d rather upload a copy.

  2. Embedded videos dont play on the BBS ‘show full post’ dropdown - I have to click thru to the non-BBS post.

  3. Lately any time I italicise or bold (ify?/erise?) text the browser auto-scrolls to the OP topic at the top, meaning I then have to scroll back down to see the comment I’m replying to.

Don’t worry, the BBS automagically slurps up a copy of the ref’d GIF/JPG/PNG/Whatever and self-hosts.


For the gif issues, I tend to just upload, but I sometimes just link from elsewhere (this is usually if the file is too big). But I understand the concern about disappearing sources. But apparently, according to @LDoBe that’s not an issue.

I have nothing useful to add about the other issues.

Yeah - that’s what all those system notifications were the other day, but as a web guy I like to do things the ‘proper’ way instead of relying on system to do it for me. Anyway, it’s just a stupid nitpick.

Can you post an example of #1 here?

This trippy test brought to you by my computer playing nice today.

(Seems to work perfectly today. Ignore me)