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Because “Show Full Post” doesn’t include embedded videos I have been replying to BoingBoing posts here on the BBS with a link and an embed as I’ve run across them in the last few months. This isn’t a great solution - I’m not on the BBS all the time and so lots of videos get missed.

I understand that “Show Full Post” is based on a readability algorithm that’s designed to remove videos to improve the readability of the featured text, but because so much content here at BoingBoing features video it tends to fall flat. Since we’re unlikely to see any changes to the readability algorithm (Nope, I’ve said it so much it’s stopped looking like a word. I’m calling it the Al Gore rhythm from now on.) I’m wondering if there’s a way to automate the posting of the video links instead of relying on me being around at the right time. Perhaps the generic @boingboing user can post the video link as the first reply to any new topic containing embedded video.

How does a $1 furnace filter compare to a $50 one?
Train vs bridge
Helicopter almost collides with drone
Rhino calf zoomies are a thing, too
North Korea YouTube spy channel deemed fake
Watch this demo of a flying car, future almost here
Man builds 'Nutty Bar' for squirrels with 7 types of nuts on tap
Man wins round of Scrabble-style gameshow with unusual word
Gorgeous video of Paramecia infected with bacteria
Watch man address city council about why "boneless chicken wings" should be renamed
Relaxing channel about hiking alone on gorgeous trails worldwide
You got your chocolate in my peanut butter
This robotic coconut tree climber and harvester could save lives
Nintendo announces a new Game and Watch handheld, first released in 1981
Guy replaces bike wheels with saw blades so he can ride across the ice
Programmable, 3D-printed wool that can "remember" its original shape and transform into new ones
How to open a vodka bottle anti-theft lock
AI used to make movie characters sing All Star
The interview that brought down an Irish political legend
A young Stevie Wonder sings 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'
New Wired video teaches you to juggle
Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" interpolated to 60fps 4k is freaking everyone out
Hawk attacks drone that gets too close
Pretenders, Back on the Chain Gang, 2020
Nile Rodgers & Chic, with Rebecca Ferguson, performing "Good Times"
Playing Minecraft as a fish
Do you remember?
1948's "Cars of the Future" did not happen
Very creepy "doll altar" found in UK forest
Artificial intelligence tries QWOP
A deep investigation of the spherical planets in Super Mario Galaxy
Optical illusion has drivers concerned that new bridge support is leaning dangerously
Extraterrestrial porch pirate caught on camera swiping package
Watch: TV news crew robbed at gunpoint
A punk, two goths, and a mod interviewed on an Irish TV talk show (1983)
Arborist takes a wild ride trimming 100-foot palm tree
Listen to the original version of "Superman," the 1969 pop-psych song that REM covered
Mike Campau composites neon light trails into stock photos
Who hates who around the world? Take Roy Wood Jr.'s geography lesson to find out
The one brisket trimming video to rule them
Watch striking footage of a bowling alley captured with FPV drone
Watch lucha libre wrestlers enforce mask rules in Mexico City
How a 14th-century bridge in Prague was built
Simon Giertz builds a pet selfie photo booth
The boxing film that was banned around the world
Official Animaniacs trailer
Video of a jigsaw puzzle factory
It's spring in Sweden
"Floating" knuckleball tracked on video
John Oliver explains Tucker Carlson's lame but lucrative shtick
Corned beef and cabbage in the Instant Pot is so easy
Listen: The song that became A-ha's "Take On Me"
Ten of the most paused moments in Star Trek
Creator spent 11 years developing epic Line Rider course
Adorable Stan Lee rant on the beauty and usefulness of that go-to favorite of 4-letter words
A fun parody of Ask a Mortician and Caitlin Doughty's reaction
Anti-masker hilariously digs his own hole after hearing about his own cognitive bias
A two-year-old's approach to the trolley problem
Satan falls for 2020 in a perfect year-end ad
Footage of brakeless trucks using emergency stop pits
Watch Dana Carvey's hilarious impression of Joe Biden: "That's the way the cookie is"
A black bear ruins a man's morning cup of coffee as it helps itself to a steamy soak in a hot tub
Robert Fripp's Music for Quiet Moments series nearing its end
How to stop an attack of killer tomatoes
Unswaddling this baby brings the best reaction
This drone video of the Pacific Pinball Museum Annex will flip you out
High school moved into empty Macy's department store
Any parent can relate to this mama bear trying to wrangle all 4 of her cubs across the street
How New Order's "Blue Monday" came to be
E-ink newspaper
'Simon and Simon' was a popular TV show
Children's television show about a man with a giant penis
Randy Rainbow explains Trump's failed coup with Fiddler on the Roof parody "Sedition!"
John Oliver on Matt Gaetz: "Wow, imagine being the one white man on Earth that Tucker Carlson won't defend"
Mesmo-rising Boba Fett sculpture time-lapse
Watch: A 10-foot alligator found under a parked car in Tampa is loaded onto a truck
Man hops up steps of 33-story building on his bike without ever touching a foot on the ground
Making a suitcase out of paper
The entire STAR WARS saga, edited down to just memes
And today's theme song is
How to sketch a car using only 3 starting lines
The Simpsons: a strange and unsettling live action segment from Spanish TV
Gymnast Nia Dennis brings the internet to its knees, once again
Owl is in raven's spot
Man offers lifeline to fox trapped in a pit
Leo Moracchioli metals up that sea shanty
The holy grail of bbq: a giant wagyu A5 brisket
Beskar is the heaviest metal
Here's a confounding topological curiosity
BBC guest talks about important stuff while penis salutes us in the background
Phone battery explodes after man bites into it [VIDEO]
Watch: LEGO Jeopardy with LEGO Alex Trebek
M&Ms takes a Superbowl shot at 'Karens'
Watch a jumping deer miss a motorcyclist by a hair
Watch a truck fall 70' off an icy freeway
A supercut of first and final frames from movies
How road sign reflectors work

Someone back in the day when BBS was brand new made a bookmarklet that opened the official article in an iFrame sized to take up the same space as the “show full post” area.

It stopped working a while back, and I wasn’t sure how to fix it.

But maybe we can do that again.


Let me add that I think it’s amazing that you’ve been doing this, and I thank you for that @fiddlingfrog.

But yes, I would prefer to watch the videos from the BBS. So if we could access them when we click on “Show Full Post” it would great.


I’ve talked with the Discourse folk, but they’ve informed me there’s no way to pull in the youtube embeds due to how those embeds work (they’re specifically designed not to work cross-site). You can’t just copy the html here.


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Right, which is why I figured the “first reply” route might be the simplest. Either have a bot checking the RSS feed, or as part of the Wordpress-to-Discourse plugin, that recognizes that "This post has a YouTube or Vimeo video embedded in it. Then, trigger the generic @boingboing user to post a reply that simply includes the URL of the embedded video. Discourse’s own video embedding function should take care of it after that.

Basically, is it possible to automate the thing I’m already doing?


I’d happily run a plugin if someone would be up to coding it! I doubt the Discourse folks would be up to modifying their plugin specifically for Boing Boing posts, but I would suspect that they, too, would accept code submissions from any software engineers up to the task.


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