Playing Minecraft as a fish

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Video link for the BBS
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Pickle Rick mode?


I guess I didn’t even really know you could “beat” Minecraft


Yeah, I kinda thought that was the point - and an essential part of the charm - of Mine Craft: there’s no points, and nothing to ‘win.’

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It was pretty hard to press the keys (or hold the controller(depending on what kind of fish you are))
I’ll wager


I’m actually more annoyed that you didn’t provide the name of the mod that allows you to do this. I’m more interested in the concept of being able to play as other animals and the like than the concept that someone spent a lot of time playing as a fish.

There’s a link in the video’s description if you click through to YouTube,

There are two optional end bosses that you can beat if you want to play that way.

There are Minecraft speedruns too

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Probably. I hate clicking through to videos. If it’s not text, I’m not interested. It feels clickbait-y. Not interested in fish playthrough. Only the mod. Oh well. Guess I’ll google it. (I don’t give clicks to things I’m not interested in)

Minecraft? Boring. Back in the day, I wrote games for early microsystems. Writing games is much more fun than playing them.

But that’s one of the brilliant things about minecraft (particularly the java edition). You can extend and modify it into something new. There’s a reason why it’s the best selling video game of all time. It’s only boring because you make it so. Check out Hermitcraft or SciCraft. The hermits are an eclectic bunch with different play styles and SciCraft does experiments with the game mechanics and try and exploit them in really amazing ways.

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