Kickstarting a game: "Minecraft, but you're a dog, and everything's beautiful"

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I’m not sure why they would compare it with minecraft.

I’d describe it as “Stray Dog Simulator 2015”


It’s Minecraft because it’s in 3D, obviously!

No, honestly I don’t see the comparison to Minecraft at all. It has nothing to do with Minecraft what-so-ever, besides (as the Kickstarter mentions) randomly created biomes. But anyone who thinks that’s what Minecraft is has never played Minecraft.

This looks like it could be a great game, but it’s just weird to refer to Minecraft.

The Kickstarter also doesn’t mention Minecraft at all (except to mention the random biomes).


Agreed, there’s no obvious similarity to Minecraft, except that they say the game will generate its world procedurally. Margaret probably chose Minecraft as a reference point more people would understand.

This game invites comparisons to Tokyo Jungle or Goat Simulator—but neither of those have the kind of name recognition Minecraft does.

A more cynical view would be that Minecraft is SO HOT RIGHT NOW that the merest name drop means extra attention, links, clicks and kickstart dollars compared to mentioning more accurate but less popular things.

That said, I hope this works out and ends up being good. I did love the dog names in the trailer. Cialis? Enron? Genius.

Dog game people: Make sure to add every dog breed ever (and some clever procedurally generated mixes and strays) for maximum pet owner kudos. And give them the right stats! I want my polygonal whippet to run like the wind, jump like a friggin’ kangaroo and be a cat-level champion napper just like the real thing.

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If I can’t play as an awkward, slow basset, no dice.


but umm…what about the cats?

…but without all that mining and crafting.



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