Shelter, the badger simulator for Windows and OS X




Works good with another trailer:


Looks pretty.


Is getting culled the end-game?


I had a somewhat similar game idea that I have no skills to create. In it you play a suburban cat that has to navigate the neighborhood, dealing with dogs, racoons, rabbits & birds (yum!), possums, people and cars. You can adventure but the further you go from home turf the more likely you are to encounter some kind of opposition. You can climb trees, scale fences, see in the dark, ambush birds, etc., play male or female… I didn’t decide whether you should be feral or belong to a household, but I imagine those could be different skill levels. I thought it would be a nice adventure game without lots of guns but with potential danger and violence all the same.

I think games where you take on the perspective of other animals or even very different people/different cultures would be fascinating. Its too bad games are so cost intensive to develop, I’m sure games like that would have a market, albeit maybe not a huge one.


I heard about this on CAD -
I think the comic sums it up nicely


Sounds like Julie Cruise. Their music was used on the TV series Twin Peaks about, oh, a hundred years ago.


Does it have a honey badger “don’t give a shit” mode?

(Language NSFW)


Ha, me too. I thought it would be cool to create a game where you’re a city squirrel who lives in a tree in the city. You establish a home in a hole in the tree, raise kids, etc., collect leaves and stuff for your nest. You can jump from tree to tree along the streets, hop branches, forage trees for fresh bark, leaves, etc., navigate power lines, avoid (and/or taunt) dogs by using that “scurry to the other side of the tree” trick, get treats from some humans, avoid cats, birds of prey, etc. – occasional, humorous, squeaky battles with other squirrels for territory, food, etc.


As an explanation for Canadians and US-folk – this simulates communities of the gentile Meles meles – not the American Taxidea taxus, a rather more vicious animal. Given my surname (which actually doesn’t relate to the animal), as a child I never quite understood the connection between badgers I knew about in nature and the cute animals described in British children’s books.


I love it! I wanna play in squirrel taunting dogs mode.

My dogs go nuts for squirrels, but the squirrels always win. Well almost always. You gotta lose sometimes or the game is no fun.


Y’all need to play Tokyo Jungle, the only game where you can be a pomeranian and fight over an overgrown urban Tokyo territory with beagles and cats.

Maybe not quite the realistic urban setting you’re imagining though… more dinosaurs, for starters.


Reminds me of a game from the mid 1990’s called Wolf. Same kind of thing, but you were a wolf.


Yeah I was going to bring up Tokyo Jungle.



Hey, let’s not bring the badger’s religion into it…


My dogs go nuts for squirrels, but the squirrels always win. Well almost always. You gotta lose sometimes or the game is no fun.

They do lose, that’s for sure! We got a squirrel that lives in a tree right next to our place in Capitol Hill named “Stubby”…

This is her from a video I took:

Her home is a hole in the tree that’s literally right next to our bedroom window so we hang out even while she’s there. This is her!

We feed her and her kids who live in the tree next to it. We don’t know how she lost her tail, but I suspect it was because she’s too cocky and teased the wrong predator.

The new "Cosmos" is getting great reviews

Heh… at first sight of the headline I thought “badger simulator” meant a program that emulated some esoteric OS or programming language called “badger” of which I’d never heard. I was surprised to find that the game actually just simulates being an actual badger.

I’d be intrigued, but the graphics are a tad too primitive to be to my taste. (Same thing keeps me away from Minecraft. I know, my loss.)

I used to imagine a videogame called P.A. wherein you live the workday life of a lowly production assistant in Hollywood. Unlike set PAs who spend much of their day standing around sets keeping the grips quiet and making sure producers don’t accidentally walk into a shot, my game would follow the exploits of an office PA making deliveries and runs around town to the various studios and vendors and actors’ homes. Lots of driving around Hollywood and the Valley, like a modern-day L.A. Noire. All the studios and stages and offices would be accurately mapped to their real-life counterparts (inasmuch as licensing would allow, though names would probably be changed), and to keep it interesting there would be some Hollywood elements you’d have to deal with… as in things you’d only ever see in the movies. For instance, Paramount Studios shares a wall with Hollywood Forever cemetery, and the main Warner Bros lot is right across the street (and the river) from Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills cemetery… so your visits to those studios would probably involve dealing with a small-scale zombie uprising. And the famous Universal monsters have probably taken over the Universal lot, so you’d have to deal with that. There’d be an earthquake or wildfire every half-hour or so. Tourists mistake you for someone famous and chase you down alleys. Waiters try to sell you their screenplays and chase you up boulevards. Add a few megalomaniacal directors and sociopathic diva stars taken waaay over the top, and you might have a pretty fun time.

Though maybe not as much as a badger would.


My “big guy” (he’s only 40 pounds but he’s the big boy) is a scent-hound. He can smell a squirrel from two blocks away. Well, last winter the snow drifts were deep and we were out for a walk. We’re just walking along the sidewalk enjoying the day when all of a sudden he dives two feet nose first into a huge snow drift and comes up with a squirrel in his mouth. I freaked out as I always do when they manage to catch one of these little guys and yanked his harness back, which made him drop the squirrel (he had it around its middle section), but then before the squirrel could scamper, he was on it again, this time holding it by the tail. He yanked it back and the tail came right off in his mouth. The squirrel got up a tree and vamoosed, but big guy was so damned proud of himself. He was trotting around with a spring in his step all day. I felt bad for the squirrel but it sounds like they can do quite well without that tail. I wonder if it grows back ever…


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