How would animals walk if they were human? Watch for a good laugh

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This makes me remember how much I like the Prancercise lady. If this guy ever launches fitness videos based on moving like a squirrel, duck, sloth, etc. I am so in.


Bear: “Oh yeah? This is what you look like. Durrr… I’m a humin, durrr…



Might need some new signage in the area…


The deer was spot on. What a crappy defensive measure. I am scared let me turn and present all my organs to look just like a deer target for hunters. Oh crap its a car better stuff all them organs into all the hard to clean areas of the hood.

Definitely recommend his TikToks! He has too much energy for someone over the age of 4, but he really goes all out making them! Some excellent physical humor in there.

Edit: It’d help if I linked to his TikTok page since the original article links to his Twitter :slight_smile:

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The squirrel, too! :joy:


Right! I love my backyard squirrels (shout out to Patches, Fat Nuts, & Skinny Pete). But I have watched many people swerve their multiple thousand pound vehicles into oncoming traffic just to squash a dodging squirrel anyway. Continue straight, brake if you can, if you squish the little cutie your at least removing the indecisive ones from the gene pool.

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Oooh, ooh! Do decomposing fox next! That’s my favourite!

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