Crazy squirrel stalks selfie woman


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That looks like one of the evangelical ones. I like to keep my distance, too, as they can get pretty darned preachy sometimes.




It really wants that merit badge for selling the most Squirrel Scout cookies.


“Why are we surrounded by squirrels, and what do they want?”
“I’ve been pestered by squirrels all night,” said Arthur. “They keep on trying to give me magazines and stuff.”
-Mostly Harmless, by Douglas Adams


Don’t mess with the squirrels, man. They’re unbeatable.


Oh, those little red ones are some obnoxious little effers, aren’t they?


My first guess was Hunter S Thompson


Was this near Berkeley? They’ve been conducting psychological torture experiments on squirrels there.


“My horse and carriage is for hire, senora.
For as long as you desire, senorita”


My wife was actually approached by a baby squirrel last night while on a walk after work. It came towards her and started climbing her pant leg. She took it off and put it in a tree, but it ran down the tree and back up her leg!

Looking around, she saw a dead squirrel in the road, probably this one’s mother. She decided to bring it home, and we set up a little bed for it in an old cat crate, and this morning brought it to an animal rescuer who lives right down the road from us.

A web page I found said that young squirrels (4 to 6 weeks) will seek out a human if they’ve been abandoned. They are just looking for warmth and care. We put ours in a couple wool hats and he burrowed right in and made these soft grunting noises, and would look right at us when we talked to him. Cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Could be that the squirrel in this video was an abandoned baby too and just looking for a surrogate mommy.


Or if they’re rabid.


Or it associates humans who want to get close with being fed.
Many years ago I was in a respiratory hospital which had big grounds where the recovering patients were encouraged to get exercise. There was a constant problem with patients feeding the squirrels, as a result of which they kept trying to follow people into the buildings.


What’s the squirrel for “excuse me, where can I get a rabies shot?” We obviously need to know.


donno about squirrel but in the original Klingon it’s "nuqDaq laH rabies bach chaw’a’ nuqneH?"
The fact that the Klingon and English word for “rabies” is the same is a mystery.


Years ago we were vacationing at the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. There was a large, beautiful cemetary where we would go for walks in the evening. They have black squirrels there (my wife thought they came directly from Mirkwood), and they were very agressive, following us by the dozens. Really pretty creepy to have ten or more squirrels following you. We took to carrying sticks, “just in case”.

One day we came across a guy just standing there, arms outstretched, swarming with squirrels. Peanuts or corn kernels in his hands and pockets, of course.

To paraphrase Stirling Archer, “do you want to get rabies? 'Cause that’s how you get rabies.”. Or fleas, or who knows what.


I assume it’s because on Qo’noS, if a small animal shows aggressive, violent behavior, it’s treated as a special talent, not a disorder. It took the federation to turn it into a pathology…


Because rabies is an Earth disease. Klingon and Human biology (thanks to interference from ancient aliens) must be similar enough that infection is a threat to Klingons.