Texans delight in a water-skiing squirrel

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Squirrel Team Six?


So squirrels can go to pools in Texas.


It was in Austin, so I guess the folks are more tolerant.


Just as “not all men” behave wretchedly towards women, “not all anthropomorphic animal photos” are romanticized animal cruelty. So a slow loris being tickled isn’t a fun time? That’s plausible, though I’d like more data. Frogs being contorted with fishing line, that one’s easy to understand. Recently I’ve learned that when chimpanzees smile for the camera, it’s a display of fear. (Off stage, the trainer can hold up a slingshot for it to see, in order to get that smile on cue)

If a squirrel is being abused for these performances, I have a hard time caring. Squirrels are gross in my opinion. And it’s perfectly plausible that it’s fine, and nothing wrong is happening here…

But really, how cool is it to watch animal acts like this? They might not be all equally abusive, but I’m equally impatient with this sort of nonsense. There is so much amazing natural, uncoerced animal behavior to learn about, can’t we find out more about that stuff instead?

I get the animal cruelty angle, but I’m more worried that this is headed towards a Planet of the Squirrels type situation.

These folks have been breeding squirrels for intelligence and aptitude. There is no proof that intelligent, tool using squirrels and humans can coexist.


Not him, but it has nothing to do with his color, nothing at all.


Meh. There’s not much evidence to suggest that humans can peacefully coexist with other humans for that matter. Weaponized squirrels carrying explosives or biological agents seem more interesting to me than this stuff. For real nightmare fuel, see The Architect of Sleep and it’s raccoons!

Didn’t I see this on That’s Incredible! back in the day…?

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