Squirrel kicked into Grand Canyon - want to catch a killer?

So apparently this guy punts a squirrel into the Grand Canyon after luring it to the edge.

Ah - why?!

Seems a little barbaric.

Assuming the video is legit and not a hoax, that’s pretty fucked up. Not to blame the squirrel victim, but that squirrel is way more trusting than the ones in my neighbourhood. They’ll come somewhat close, but I can’t imagine being able to kick one.

It is really messed up. Squirrels will get close, until the un-nervous population diminishes and the nervy ones are all that remain.

Suspected to be French…
I would have guessed some sort of Eastern European.


Maybe the hijinks of Moose and Squirrel weren’t on infinite after-school repeat outside of the upper midwest…


Glad to see PETA doing something decent for a change. (offering the reward)


Newly unearthed Hitchcock thriller:

To Catch a Squiller


The French Ejection.


How unbelievably heartless.

I was at Glacier Point in Yosemite a few weeks ago. Amid the beautiful scenery there was some Eurotrash trowing rocks at a lizard. It took a lot to keep me from causing a scene.

Now, in light of this… yea, next time I catch people, guests in my country or not, abusing animals they will answer to me.

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From what I saw on The Young Turks, the only way of getting the reward money is to both find the perp and to retrieve the corpse of the squirrel to prove that it was, in fact, killed by the act of punting it off the fucking Grand Canyon.

So, probably no reward money in anyone’s direct future but you might get the satisfaction of naming and shaming the douche, if that’s your thing.

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