Tame squirrel happily munches nuts while seated on dad's shoulder


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Well sure, it’s cute as the dickens & all… but just you see when it grows to be a 200lb brute, gets hyped up on Xanax one day and tears off your neighbor’s fa… oh wait.



Oh, so that’s who listens to Journey.


Don’t irradiate squirrels!
How many innocent lives could be saved if people adhered to this one simple rule…


Don’t make me squeaky. You wouldn’t like me when I’m squeaky.


For the love of God, don’t let Mike Huckabee any where near Peanut!

The lack of journey in my house is probably why all the squirrels I have fostered have fled.

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Or possibly the lack of bagels with the creamy cheese. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYUB1tOx2oo

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I bet this wonderful man’s mailbox is filled with “will you be my granpa?” mash letters.

Ah, fond memories of fostering a baby squirrel in my apartment in the middle of the city. For reasons unclear to me, he liked to run around inside my shirt (he was still tiny, but passed the crisis “will he live?” stage).

Had a friend over and I’d forgotten to tell him that a friend had dumped a baby squirrel on me. I greeted him at the door, and we were just talking when suddenly he had an odd look. I winced as tiny, but sharp little claws ran across my stomach, and then, as he was wont to do, he popped his head out of the shirt right at chest height (I left one of my shirt buttons unbuttoned for just for this purpose.)

My guest jumped backwards and screamed rather loudly indeed. He’d seen my shirt seemingly wriggling because of something underneath it, then a look of pain on my face, and then a head popped out of my chest.

I don’t think he’s ever looked at squirrels quite the same way again.

(Ignatius was successfully released to a park a few weeks later after some training runs.)


Thanks so much for sharing your memories by posting here.




I really try to avoid making comments that don’t contribute to the discussion (for this, we have ‘LIKE’ button) – but anyway – love your comment - great picture. thx.

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