How to build a nice fireplace in Minecraft

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That’s certainly an oldie but a goodie, already knew what the video would be before clicking through. I like Minecraft but i never really took to it, the unstructured nature of it doesn’t necessarily appeal to me and preferred Starbound’s quest system and diverse gameplay.

I do have my eye on an upcoming game. It reminds me of No Man’s Sky but with more of an emphasis on resources, building, and automation

2010? Did they have fire back then? There’s a new update coming in a month or two, with even more kinds of fireproof flooring.

EDIT: His fireplace wouldn’t have worked anyway. A log like that burns for less than a minute. So what material burns forever… show of hands?


I still dabble in creative mode every now and then and recently built this place on one of my oldest and most built on worlds. It has fireplaces in most of the rooms but none of them have had any fire burning in them as of yet.:slightly_smiling_face:


It’s always had fire, half the fun was burning down forests and watching half of it swept in a firestorm.


Ha! Ran home one night chased by a swarm of creepers, clicked on my front door and realized an errant move had put the flint and steel in my hand…


Nice! I use cheats a modest amount, but I seem to need the fear of death to keep my mind focused.

God, maybe if there were real zombies I’d do a better job of keeping up with the laundry…




Nice! I have a World where i combined all my civil engineering projects using World Edit and might turn it into a BB server


I’m already living the apocalypse in my apartment, i just need the zombies.

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No mother, it’s just the northern lights.

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At 1:54 he capitulated on fighting the fire and switched to watching it burn to the ground. This is known as the Kee Bird moment.

Thanks, wow I bet that world of yours looks impressive. I have a couple of worlds that have grown in complexity over the years but I hadn’t touched them in a good few years prior to building the castle as i lost track of all my saves. luckily i found my backups. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, i tend to just build in peacefull mode as i don’t wan’t anything blowing up all my hard work. I do have a few survival worlds but i haven’t been on those in years. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yesss… let’s mix these memes, deepest of cuts.

+1 diamond.

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Ugh. I think everyone who has played has had this issue. I had this nice wood tower built then installed a fireplace, but had one block that was still in the burn radius. Within minutes, the whole tower was ablaze and the endermen picked off the rest. I was then all about the stone brick from there.

Although I do notice a lot of servers are turning off fire tick. Personally, I’m all for that. And turning off endermen griefing.

Speaking of Minecraft, does anyone else here play with mods?

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As if I don’t already spend enough of my time on BB and Minecraft.