Father builds glowing life-sized Minecraft block for son's birthday


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Very nice job!

Painting before cutting is a rookie mistake. But easy one to remedy.
The plywood could be painted with bright white from behind to further decrease light losses.
For a smaller-scale light, a light diffusion panel from a broken laptop screen can be of good use.


As a member of the unfashionable non-child demographic I must say Minecraft Mania is losing its luster. That said, that’s a lovely project. The rough pixel aesthetic translates surprisingly well.


Couple things…

First, the links to the BBS on each article seem to be broken. When I click them they don’t come here, I need to navigate here manually. Could be just me.

Now…as for the article…I find this project AWESOME! My kids all love Minecraft and I’d love to do this on one of their walls…even mount it up!

Lastly, there is a play mat that is in the pics where the kid is playing with his legos. Anyone know what that is? It looks perfect for to buy and throw down for lego play.


Not just you.

Also, this guy can turn redstone into diamonds? By flipping a switch?


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