This dog does boss-level zooms on the beach

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Yes! A dog video! Oh… Facebook.


Yeaaaahhhhh… I’m not going to watch this one. :frowning:


Facebook … AND it wants to force me to sign in!!!

Nope. Not happening.

(Rule 1. Know your audience.
Rule 2. Do not post links that are behind a financial or data paywall.)


Here’s a question that you or other techier-than-me readers might be able to explain. Of all the sites that I visit regularly, BB seems to be the only one that posts articles which do not embed the actual video, but instead you have to follow a link to elsewhere to see them. Is that because they would have to pay for the privilege of posting the actual video? Or is there some other technical reason for it?

In another article currently on the front page about Mike Pence having a reaction to a 25th Amendment solution to the Fat Nixon problem, the video runs for 10 minutes with no indication as to where the part about Pence might be. The actual Pence reaction is maybe 15 seconds out of the 10 minutes. Is that because they can only embed the video if they agree with the source to show the entirety of the interview rather than a piece?

Or is it just weak editing?


Nothing is worth going on Facebook


Why? No idea.

But I know what you mean and agree.

Seems a likely explanation, as I can’t think of mechanisms in play that would force payment for a YouTube video. And is a very easy way to get an embedded video to start at the point you want it to start - i.e. the point relevant to the topic being written about.

But to be fair, many blog posts here do have embedded videos, and I regularly see comments about ‘why only a link’ and think to myself ‘but I click it and it plays here on BB just fine’ (e.g. with instagram stuff (and for avoidance of doubt I do not have an IG account and do not sign in) so perhaps it is a function of the device or access method/browser some users are using to view BB?

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Different sites use different code to display video - it’s not usually just a case of pointing to a static URL for a video file. If you want to embed a video on your own site and have it work reliably, you need to use the code supplied by the hosting site, or more to the point, you need a specialized Wordpress plugin that will do it for you.

Youtube and Vimeo make this easy, but social media platforms are increasingly making it difficult and/or making it so if you want to embed their content you have to basically embed their whole website, with the comments and the signing in and what not. Facebook in particular are aggressive about forcing people to be signed in to see anything, since at this point the only reason decent people engage with facebook is if they couldn’t figure out how to avoid it.


Not joining faceschnook no matter how cute the ees pupper video. Fuck that.


As apparently the only BB reader who still has a Facebook account I can report that all I found at that link was this:
Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 12.29.35


So it’s like Einstein on the Beach then? Gonna get my dog a squirrel projector.

You may well be right about that. What is confusing is that I use the same browser with the same ad-blocker on every site that I visit. And I do have both a Facebook and an Instagram account, although I never post on Facebook and rarely visit it. I only seem to run into this issue on BB. Still a mystery…

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