YouTube's scrolling cyberattack against humanity

Have you noticed recently how, when you scroll a page with YouTube embeds on (at least) mobile Safari, the videos will start playing as you scroll past them? So that you end up having to scroll back to stop the video, and then carefully re-scroll the page without touching the poison rectangle?

A smaller company would get the benefit of the doubt, but YouTube have definitely done this on purpose, capturing “touchstart” events instead of “touch” events in order to break the internet for some kind of click fraud purpose.

I’ve emailed the Pentagon’s cyberwarfare division, and hopefully they will do some drone strikes to resolve the issue, but in the meantime I’m annoyed.


Also the endless repetition of meaningless phrases like “liberty mutual” and “island verbo” is psychological torture in violation of the Geneva Convention

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I am grateful to the ad-blocking technology that means I don’t even know what an island verbo is

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