Something wrong with BBS on mobile?


Anyone else getting problems with the BBS page not loading on mobile? Chrome on Android doesn’t display the bbs properly for me, and going to articles just shows the topic title. Has someone been fixing things too hard again?

Topics closed via flagging keep getting opened and closed over and over?

I had that earlier today. Fine now.


Having the same issue. Sent a message about it so I’m assuming they’re aware just glad it’s not on my end.

I can even get the tool bar to load without forcing the desktop site for the main page. And waiting for that little blue popup about updated topics. If I click that I can see the toolbar and that one thread.

Otherwise I just get a blank page with the title and a reply button/new topic button regardless of how I navigate to what.


Same same. Just tried on Brave for mobile as well. No different. What the hell am I meant to do on my break at work? Talk to my colleagues?


Oh good, it’s not just me. I’m using a Chromium mod browser. I’d assumed it was a memory issue on my phone, but I guess not.

Edited to add: sometimes it just takes forever for everything to load, and sometimes it doesn’t seem to completely load.

The other Discourse forum I visit hasn’t had this issue yet.


This is what happens when you go tryin’a fix stuff that’s already working, see? Divers Alarums and that.


It might be related to this:

Yesterday I opted out of the funky headers. Today, they’re back, and I can’t find the opt-out line in my Interface Preferences.


Oddly enough after i read this thread everything started working again. Weird.


Still broken for me. @codinghorror do you know what they’ve done to your creation?


Happening to me too. Currently it seems to have resolved itself.


For about 2 seconds after I messaged orenwolf it all worked properly. Until I loaded a new page.
It could be because they’re working on it. Could be because certain very weird paths lead to a functional forum.

I’m not expecting an immediate response because if they’re having the same issues we are. Then responding is hard.


I no rite.

They’re posting about all my favorite thing too. Polling and the connections between pickup artists and the alt right. If I don’t yell on the internet who will?


Seems to be working now.


It’s up and down for me, one minute it works the next it’s borked. I’ve been trying it in the brave and duckduckgo browsers on lineageos.


Well I’ve always felt your name matched your style quite well (also: I mean this as a total compliment)


I don’t see the option anymore. Did @orenwolf disable it? :frowning:


The Discourse folks provided an update that broke a few things yesterday, that was corrected as soon as I brought it to their attention.

Had nothing to do with the theme component, AFAIK. It was installed yesterday and remains there now. I still see the setting in preferences (it will only show on supported mobile devices).


Yup, everything looks good now. Thank you!


I’ve noticed i can only get this to reliably work if i enable cookies, turn them off and the page is mostly blank with only the topic title showing. This is a new change because i keep cookies off by default and only enable them when i want to log-in, which i don’t always do on mobile but still want to read the comments. Is this change out of your control?


Seems to be behaving iteslf for me too, now (and I’m glad I downloaded Brave, ad-free mobile browsing is teh sex)


Agreed! I’ve had it for a few months now, no probs at all.