Funky headers on mobile


boingboinbb? Also running off the edge a little on the right.


Same here. Though I like the way the topic title us displayed when you scroll down.

But my user icon’s notification’s getting clipped off the side.

Samsung browser (Chromium mod.)


Same. Firefox on Samsung galaxy 5.


We all seem to be on Samsung, though using different browsers. (I use Bravo.) Don’t know if that’s key.


Could be. Galaxy s4 here. We need more data.

Edited to add: a quick Google search shoes that Brave is also a Chromium mod. I don’t know how alike the browser code is though.


I can replicate the issue on my iPhone XS as well.

I’ve notified the Discourse team.


The header image doesn’t fit on my Pixel 3 running straight Chrome. Nothing appears to be cut off on the right though.


The Discourse folks are aware of the issue (looks like a max-width style disappeared somewhere) and are on it!


All better now.



Good Lord this is terrible. Now I don’t see the thingy on the top right until I scroll a little. This seems intentional and I really hate it.


Beta5 includes a number of mobile focused improvements. Previously topic titles were only visible on mobile when scrolled completely to the top, or by opening the timeline. We now show titles in the header when scrolling, just like on desktop. Due to the limited space we’ve hidden the menus from the header. To access them simply scroll up a small bit.

Complaints about that particular change are likely best tabled here. Personally I love the change, I frequently end up in topics on mobile from cross-links that cause me to forget what topic I’m in, and not being able to see the title without scrolling alllllllll the way up was annoying as heck.


I hate it with a passion. I now no longer know if someone replies to me or likes a post while I’m in a thread until I scroll up. I can no longer quickly get to the menu to switch forums. I can no longer quickly search. It completely breaks just about every browsing workflow I use and forces me to change my navigation habits for no good reason.

It sucks.

ETA and I’ve complained about it on


I like having the topic title header, but the peek-a-boo user icon/notification issue is troublesome. Several times I’ve tried to tap it and wound up at the first post of the topic instead.


It’s a huge usability increase to have the topic there now, but admittedly it’s also useful to at least have notifications there, as well.

That being said, the “scroll up” sensitivity is really good (at least on iOS), only a tiny scroll-up gesture is required to display the icons.


The header is kind of busted on iPad Safari as well - the right end gets slightly cut off. Not sure if this is BB specific or a Discourse issue.


It is more likely a Discourse issue than not, though I suppose our icons could be a size discourse doesn’t like.

I’ll have a look when I’m home and have access to my iPad.


Thanks. I can capture some screenshots later if needed.


It needs a longer title (won’t repro in this thread).


Yep, I can reproduce. It doesn’t seem specific to BB, I can also reproduce on a test site without our logos.

The discourse folk just did a huge update to both the FontAwesome classes and support for SVG Icons, so I wager that’s changed the alignment of a bunch of things.