Scrolling looks really bad (iOS 13 Public Beta 5)

Just thought someone might be interested.

I don’t have this problem on other Discourse instances where I’ve tried this.

ETA never mind - I’m seeing it on other Discourse instances but it’s intermittent.

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iOS 13 is VERY VERY buggy. I would not recommend going that route until they have a general release.

Is using beta releases more or less good from a security standpoint? Do you get early access to security fixes if you do (or possibly opened to bugs fixed later in production?)

Sorry for the random aside but I’ve been thinking about these things a lot since I suspect iOS 13 will be the last iOS my device will support

Roger that. Discourse seems to be having a really rough time on it.

Probably worse - much more untested code. You may have some security fixes before the mainline releases but depending on how Apple does their development branching it may get fixes later.

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I see this effect on the iPhone (12.4) all the time.

Hide the hamburger game gets old.

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I don’t see it at all on iPhone under 12.4. Are you referring to Mobile Safari?

(I think you’re referring to something else, auto-hide of the topic title which is a feature. Just scroll up or down as needed.)

Using Google on an iPhone 7. It happens more often than not.

Auto hide could be the culprit.

Fortunately, you can turn that off. Uncheck this checkbox:


Thanks! Hide and seek was getting to be a pain in the ass.


Yeah - I really hated this design change and was very vocal about it. (And I wasn’t the only one.)

I’m very thankful that @sam was able to provide an extension for Discourse that gives us the ability to change the top bar back to how it used to be.


You were basically the only one, though. There has not been any mass of complaints about this (far superior) mobile behavior default. Just sayin’ :wink:

Oh, and the heading now auto changes when notifications come in, which neuters the only substantive argument there was against it. I did actually agree with that particular criticism.

I am on iOS 12.4 and everything seems normal. BB is one of the few sites I go to that seems to give a great mobile browser experience.

(Which is nice since out of an abundance caution I don’t use my personal accounts on my work computer :calling:)

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I got enough finger wagging and user-splaining at the Discourse forums last time I brought this up, and you know what? I still hate that behavior and you can justify it all you want and it won’t change my opinion about it.

I know I wasn’t the only one complaining about it, and as a software developer you should know that just because someone doesn’t complain about it doesn’t mean that people everywhere love it. No user experience is one size fits all.

At least there’s a switch to turn it off and revert to the (far superior) older mobile behavior (and thank goodness for that).

Sorry I seem harsh, but particular little bit of UX is a deeply ingrained workflow for me when using Discourse and it really upset me when it was messed with and completely broke my navigation patterns and learned efficiencies.

Meh, as long as the UI plays “hide the hamburger” with me (thanks @Akimbo_NOT for that little gem), I’ll stick with the toggle, thank you very much.


No, he really wasn’t.

I am grateful for the opt-out too. I consider the flexibility to configure the interface to one’s user preferences a selling point for Discourse. I prefer it to some of the awful, broken and buggy, one-size-fits-all commenting systems I’ve seen on other sites.

(Edited to fix autocorrect error: other, not the.)


Yeah, he was. We’ve heard basically zero about this since then, across a network of thousands of sites.

I grant you it is OK to have whatever opinion you want about UX, but you can’t also pretend your opinion isn’t an extreme minority in the face of overwhelming evidence that this is the case. :man_shrugging:

Note, one change we have done since …

We now flip the header if a notification comes in while you are browsing downwards. So there is pretty much no reason to ever scroll up to find out if you have notifications, we will tell you.


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