App-based English-language tutors say they frequently witness their Chinese students suffering brutal physical abuse by their parents

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these tutors are often also moonlighting teachers, or former teachers, who have been trained to spot and report signs of abuse.

I wonder how this works with mandated reporting laws. Current teachers may have a legal requirement to report suspected abuse to the appropriate government authorities.


“Deleting the video.” That’s helpful.


So that’s how they do it over in China…

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I worked for a time at a financial institution in a strip mall. Next door was a Chinese restaurant. The owners would frequently beat their kids out in the back alley w/ long dowel rods. Any time I was working and heard it get going I would intentionally “take out the trash” or go “have a cigarette” in the back alley. I’d basically stand out there until they got tired of waiting for me to leave. Eventually they’d give it up and head back in the restaurant. I’m sure the parents thought I was intruding on their personal business, which was fine by me. But…I should have done more. I feel bad about it to this day (many years later).


The appropriate authorities here being Chinese officials who encourage this sort of behavior so they can “win” the global economy and think that soft coddled westerners are letting their societies crumble?


I don’t have anything useful to add, so I’ll say that this has a very A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer ring to it. While reading the book it really stood out to me how agonizingly helpless that situation would make the teacher feel.

As Nell spoke the words, the story changed in the Primer.
“And Harv couldn’t use his arm because of the wrist, so he had to carry everything with one hand, and that’s because Burt was a bad man and he hurt it really bad,” Nell said.
After a long silence, the Primer began to speak again, but the lovely voice of the Vicky woman who told the story sounded thick and hoarse all of a sudden and would stumble in the middle of sentences.

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And the teachers being foreigners residing outside China. There is no way those complaints would go anywhere.

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