China's Internet censors order ban on video of toddler threatening brutal cops

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Next year in America.


The force is strong in this one.


I dunno man. I think it’s pretty implausible to imagine this happening here without the cops at least tazing the little guy.


A couch in a location other than inside a house.

Someone should show this to some racist southerners. Show them we have more in common with the Chinese than they might think.


Well, if China wants to ban it then I have no choice but to share it as far and wide as I can.

Initiate Streisand Effect Protocols!



WOW…that is one brave little dude. Good to know someone has your back Grandma!


Damn straight, little man.

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“Yeah, uh-huh; he bad…”

Good for that brave little kid.


I fear life in China will be tough for someone like that. I hope I’m wrong.

This pretty much. Its cute now, but if that little fellow grows up in Redchina with that much attitude and backbone, he will certainly sooner of later end up in a laogai.

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Pipe Fu!

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These guys are not cops. They don’t belong to the public security bureau and have none of the powers of cops. Basically NOT cops.

Chengguan are not cops. They aren’t part of the Public Security Bureau (The police) and have none of the powers of the police. They belong the urban planning and city management departments of their various cities and districts.

Having said that, they are renowned for their violent behaviour and widely hated here.

But still, completely erroneous post title… the toddler was not threatening brutal cops.

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That’s like saying the ATF aren’t cops, they’re alcohol regulation bureaucrats. These guys clearly, in practice, wear cop-like uniforms and have the authority to go around beating people up for minor violations of city ordinances, so I think that, just like people in the US refer to ATF as “cops,” it’s a reasonable translation here.


Don’t people refer to them as Feds? Or is that generally just for the F.B.I.?

You certainly could. You could also refer to the FBI as cops. City police and state police and Sheriffs and their deputies are all cops. Mall security are mall cops and private security are rent-a-cops. It’s a pretty broad term, and I would say that “people in blue uniforms who beat people up for the government” falls pretty well within the typical usage of “cop,” regardless of the specific reasons or the specific branch of the government they’re doing it for.

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You certainly could. I don’t dispute your use of the vernacular ‘cops’.

I can even understand your use of ‘mall cops’ and ‘rent a cop’, but these are slang. I would never consider a ‘mall cop’ or ‘rent a cop’ as a cop. I consider them, accurately so, as private security.

A cop has the right to arrest me, and has the right to search etc. Private security doesn’t.

I have no problem with people using these terms, the word ‘cop’ itself being slang. However it is widely understood to mean police when used without a descriptor. Additionally, I read boing boing and look to boing boings articles to help find stories that have integrity, that being said I find their use of ‘cop’ in this way to be ‘click bait’.

Noone in China considers the Chengguan to be ‘cops’, it is commonly discussed that they aren’t cops and little more than violent thugs. So while I appreciate your sentiments I still completely disagree and consider the title used by the article author to not be up to the standards I expect from boing boing.

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